With Brogdon Out, Bucks Need Others to Step Up


Brogdon Expected To Miss 6-8 Weeks With Plantar Fascia Tear

It is safe to say that Milwaukee Bucks guard Malcolm Brogdon has been overlooked all season long with how important he is to this season’s success. With the hype of MVP candidate in Giannis Antetokounmpo, it can be easy to forget what and who it has taken to get to a 52-18 record. The former rookie of the year was having a historic season before the untimely injury. Being a part of the 90-50-40 club is no small feature. Malcolm would join the elite list that includes Steph Curry, Steve Nash and Kevin Durant. The importance of what Brogdon brings to the court each and every night is crucial for the Bucks getting to the next level in the playoffs. Unfortunately, Milwaukee will be tested going forward as they will have to fill a big hole in the roster.

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Does that mean the Bucks should panic? Not necessarily. This team is built with talent that can help fill the void, but that can only be for so long. Best case scenario is that Brogdon will miss only the first round of the playoffs. Knowing that the potential teams Milwaukee could face are either Miami, Brooklyn, Detroit or even Charlotte, the Bucks should be confident with any one those teams. The second round though, is where the gloves must come off. Whoever Milwaukee will face in the 2nd round will be no easy task. These teams, (Boston, Philadelphia, Indiana) pack a punch that could deflate Milwaukee’s hopes of reaching the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 2001.

Everyone Must Carry The Load

Now is the time for the players who have lacked consistency (I am looking at you Middleton),must step up and take the reigns. Giannis is Giannis and he will put in his work, but it cannot all fall on him. If Brogdon brings anything to this team, it is his constancy to perform every game and make the best play possible. With being one of the players with the highest basketball IQ, the team must come together as one and understand that perfection will be needed. Eric Bledsoe has had a phenomenal season and that must show in the playoffs as well. The Bledshow has plenty to prove since falling flat last year against Boston. Middleton has shown he can play on the biggest stage and the pressure is on to do so again.

There is more on the line now than ever. With the talent and coaching staff that Milwaukee has wanted for so long, the future is here. As stated before, panic should not set in right away. There should be a sense of urgency, however, to find the right formula that covers what is lost with Brogdon’s injury. As seen Sunday against Philadelphia, number 13’s absence on the court was evident. Does this mean the Bucks cannot advance without him? No, but it does bring out some weaknesses that teams can take advantage of. Moving forward, the fans should trust that Milwaukee will surpass the first round without dropping more than one game. That is how talented they are. What happens in the 2nd round is yet to be determined.

Anything Can Happen

The Bucks are on the verge of greatness and achieving what we have all been dreaming about– a championship back in Milwaukee. There will be some tough obstacles down the road and Malcolm being out makes it that much harder. The possibilities of what can occur this postseason are endless. Milwaukee could get bounced in the 2nd round or they could go to game seven of the NBA Finals. We don’t truly know. What we do know though is that it is going to take everyone to achieve glory, and that includes Malcolm Brogdon as well. The Bucks should be wise when handling this injury. His play is a necessity, but so is trusting every other player on this team.


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