Why Milwaukee Should Stand Pat in the Trade Market


Bucks Win A Close One In Golden State

After a loss to the Spurs and a hard-fought win Wednesday evening, trade talks amongst fans online have begun to flare up. The possibility of Milwaukee making a move prior to the February 6th trade deadline is still up in the air. No reports have come out from inside sources of anyone that the Bucks may be eyeing, but that has not stopped fans from creating possible scenarios. With all of the chatter taking place, it must be known that unless something drastically changes within the next month, the Bucks should stand still with the team they have.

If one were to venture online, they would see many discussing who the Bucks should grab. Anyone from J.J. Redick, Josh Hart, and Jrue Holiday from the Pelicans, to Bogdan Bogdanovic and an even odder player in Chris Paul. These names are not out of left field, well maybe the Chris Paul one, but the others all make a great case for what they could contribute to the Bucks. What is surprising though, is the players on the current Milwaukee roster that some are willing to give up without blinking.

Most Valuable Backcourt

Eric Bledsoe’s name has been mentioned a handful of times, even though he is having a good season and is on a friendly contract. Additionally, George Hill, Ersan Illyasova, Donte DiVincenzo, Sterling Brown, and Milwaukee’s draft picks have all been passed around as viable options. It is odd to think that the team with the best record in the NBA has many wanting to tear the team apart.

The fears of playoff past have haunted Bucks fans for the past two seasons. With several players seemingly falling off in some series, this should not defer fans’ attention away from how good this team is. It has been warranted to draw some concern of facing the best teams in the playoffs, but what Milwaukee has been able to showcase so far this season, there should be a ton of faith for Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks to compete for the ring this season. Messing with the nucleus’ gameplan at this point just doesn’t make sense.

Milwaukee Showcases Against Top Teams

Facing the likes of Houston, the Lakers, and the Clippers — any of which could easily be their opponent in the finals — they have passed with flying colors and the W. Of course in order to get to the finals, Milwaukee must face the Eastern Conference. So far this season, the Bucks have been in complete control, while teams like the Heat, Sixers and Celtics have had glimpses of greatness, but inconsistencies have tainted them at times. It is also a great feeling knowing that no matter who catches fire throughout the season in the East, they have one thing missing– and that is the current MVP.

Horst Is On The Clock

Anything is possible with GM Jon Horst at the realm. He’s the guy who was able to turn unfortunate contracts in Matthew Dellavedova and John Henson into George Hill. That situation is hard to come by twice though. The front office holds all the cards in this situation and fans should trust them to do what is right by this team. The goal is to win it all and by the looks of it, this team can accomplish just that. The balance and chemistry of this roster is what many have dreamed of for years. Enjoy this season and don’t panic and try to move pieces around that clearly don’t need moving.

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