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Why East Contenders Won’t Beat 2020 Bucks


Free agent frenzy has left the Bucks alone at the top of the east. Unfortunately, some haters think one of the other three 2019 semifinalists can win. Nope. Perhaps it would help dissuade these cynics by examining the 76ers, Raptors and Celtics. After a thorough review, it will be irrefutably logically proven that the Bucks are finals favorites in 2020.

Why Philadelphia Can’t Beat Milwaukee

Granted, Philadelphia has a minimal chance to reach the finals if every contingency went right. Which it probably won’t considering their latest foolish contract.

$170 million for the Detroit Lions -1 of three-point shooting? That’s right, Simmons is 0 for 17 on threes in his career. Don’t worry, though; he’s working hard on changing that.

Also, Joel Embiid hasn’t done a good job with self-care. If fully healthy, the Sixers would have easily beaten Toronto and perhaps won a game in the east finals. While Embiid is busy letting his team down, Khris Middleton proudly re-signed as a Buck.

Jokes aside, Philadelphia would be no quick out. But Giannis would be ready for the next step forward (more on that in a bit).

Why Toronto Can’t Beat Milwaukee

It sure would be satisfying to get another shot against the 2019 foil, but the Raptors were rather myopic. They traded for Kawhi Leonard, a “fun guy.”

He’ll have a lot of fun all right – in Los Angeles. “Ha, ha,” ha? A joke’s a very serious thing, and now it’s on Toronto. Meanwhile, a conversational Giannis returns to a beloved town delirious with MVP joy.

Those still believing in Jurrasic Park haven’t watched the movies: it stops being so fun when the dinos run away.

Why Boston Can’t Beat Milwaukee

Kemba Walker is a great addition, no question there. However, Boston always seems overhyped. Paul Pierce thought the Celtics had it won after one game this April.

Not The Truth. Also, Boston can’t retain its best players. Remember when Kyrie Irving said no one would wear #11 again?

Maybe out of shame for his disloyalty. Then again, the Celtics are always a tough out. Look how hard they fought when facing elimination!

If the franchise can’t even pronounce Celtic properly, they can’t be too lucky.

Conclusion – 2020 Bucks Win

Last year’s excitement couldn’t result in the final series. However, next year is a perfect opportunity to dominate a weaker conference. Do the 2020 Bucks have to hurry before KD returns? They sure do, because they need to have the parade route mapped for an even more satisfying repeat.

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