Who is the Dirtiest Player in the NBA?


As we all know by now, there was a nice brawl between the Rockets and Lakers last week. The fight primarily featured Chris Paul, Brandon Ingram, and Rajon Rondo. If you live under a rock and missed that, then here you go:

This fight was clearly instigated by Ingram when he shoved James Harden, but neither of these players are dirty. (In fairness to Ingram, who wouldn’t want to shove Harden? His floppery and whining is absolutely unbearable.) Some may say Rondo did the dirtiest thing in this sequence when he spat on CP3, but I disagree. Chris Paul shoving his fingers into Rondo’s eyes was without doubt the dirtiest and most unnecessary thing that happened here. Have you ever had a grown man shove his fingers into your eyes? My guess is not, but if you have then you for sure agree with this take. While spitting on someone is not cool and incredibly disrespectful, it can’t scratch your cornea. (Also, why is your first instinct to stick your fingers in someone’s eye? Why isn’t your first instinct to push Rondo? Or spit back?) This is just another event in a long list of dirty plays by Chris Paul. This has a lot of people talking– who is the dirtiest player in the league? Could it be Rondo? Zaza Pachulia? Could it be Dwyane Wade for his nut punches? Let’s dive in..

Zaza Pachulia

When talking about the dirtiest player in the league, people often turn to Zaza because of this particular play:

Oh, Zaza, you can’t do that. While I for sure think this was a dirty play, and that Zaza regularly makes dirty plays, he’s also 7-feet tall and clumsy so on occasion he will stumble into someone which will instantly sound the alarms. However, I’m not sure all of his actions are filled with malice, like one State Farm employee that we know.

Draymond Green

I figured I’d get the Warriors/former Warriors out of the way quickly. Draymond has a tendency to get under peoples’ skin. He regularly plays hard and gets into peoples’ faces. He also for sure does have a history of making dirty plays (and hitting the occasional player in the private parts), but he’s also the classic “love to have him on your team, but hate to play him” type of guy. Sort of in the mold of a Kevin Garnett. So when things get sour, everyone is quick to point the finger at him. Alas, enjoy this compilation of him making dirty plays:

Matthew Dellavedova

The only reason this guy is in the league is because he’s willing to go into the grey area a lot and regularly make the grit/dirty play. This guy straight up tried to remove Kyle Korver’s foot from his body. The only reason I don’t say he’s the dirtiest player in the league outright is because he doesn’t get enough playing time to make dirty plays on the regular.

Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley is sort of similar to Delly, except Pat can actually hoop. So they’re not really similar. Only similar in that they are both playing in the grey area and at times they outright make dirty plays. Beverley made his claim for fame a few years back when he ran into Russell Westbrook and tore his meniscus. After that he’d regular go into the grey area with big name players like LeBron and Steph, making him someone that NBA players hated.

Honorable Mentions 

These are dudes that are hella dirty, but not quite in the upper echelon of dirty. These men are: Steven Adams (always undercutting dudes), Kelly Olynyk (has made dirty plays but is also just clumsy), and Dwyane Wade (has done his fair share of kicking, elbowing, and jumping into people).

The Dirtiest Player Is..

Eclipsing all of the aforementioned candidates are none other than the notorious CP3. Chris Paul might as well just be the dirtiest player in the league. For as much crap as people give Draymond for hitting guys in the nuts, CP3 did it first and has done it more often. He trips, elbows, and is regularly pulling at jerseys and shorts.

But to further that, Chris Paul is without a doubt one of the biggest flop artists in the NBA. Everyone knows it. Being the type of guy to make dirty plays and then go and whine about someone else fouling you or even just pretending to be fouled is the least cool thing you can do. Like the guy punches a dude in the nuts and then in the same year does this:

I just want him to do better. He’s such a talented player and is an ambassador for the league. Just don’t be such a jerk, Chris.

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