What a Nets Trade for Bradley Beal Would Look Like


The Nets completed the clean sweep last offseason. They acquired Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in a move that put the league on notice. To some, this seemed like enough to make them instant championship contenders. But others, reportedly including the Nets front office, believe the Nets are still one piece away.

On May 21, Stefan Bondy and the New York Daily News reported that the Nets have “internally discussed ways to acquire Wizards star, Bradley Beal.”

This is not a new sentiment within the Brooklyn Nets. Earlier in the season, Nets star Kyrie Irving claimed that there was a “pretty glaring” need to improve the roster. Beal, 26, would be a clear improvement to the Nets roster, as he torched the Nets for a combined 64 points in the Wizards’ two wins against the Nets.

However, he does come at a significant cost, both in terms of salary and value. The Nets currently have no cap space to make a move and must match Beal’s $29M salary to make this trade go through. With that said, here are two possible trade scenarios.

Trade #1: Nets Trade Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen, Taurean Prince, and PHI 2020 1st Round Pick for Bradley Beal

On the outset, this trade may make some long-time Nets fans cringe. It includes both young up-and-coming players and future draft capital, pieces that the Nets would not part was with lightly. Beal is also a piece that the Wizards have strongly committed to.

Early in the season, Wizards’ owner Ted Leonsis had this to say about Beal: “Brad and John [Wall] and the players here, they’re a part of something, and it’s gonna be really, really hard. But [they’re] in it together.”

With that in mind, it is understandable that the Nets will have to give up a lot for the Eastern Conference scoring leader. However, Beal would slot nicely into a position (shooting guard) that would have been held by LeVert. Additionally, Allen is one of the best developmental centers in the NBA and is only 22 years old. Finally, Prince would have to be added to aid in matching salaries, and the first-round pick carries value for a rebuilding team.

This trade would solidify the Nets’ shooting guard position and form a potential Big Three, while also providing the Wizards with assets that they can either keep or move during their rebuild.

Trade #2: Nets Trade Spencer Dinwiddie, DeAndre Jordan, Garrett Temple, and Taurean Prince for Bradley Beal and Troy Brown Jr.

This trade is slightly more palatable for Nets fans but runs into some trouble with the addition of Spencer Dinwiddie. The Wizards have John Wall, and he’s not going anywhere, so the addition of another point guard who is deserving of running a team is troublesome.

In the few games where Dinwiddie and Irving were on the court at the same time, one or both of their stats suffered. With only one year on his deal, however, and the Wizards having the flexibility to move him, the trade becomes feasible. The Wizards would also pick up veteran big man DeAndre Jordan, who does have some gas left in the tank, as well as another veteran in Garrett Temple. Finally, the trade adds Taurean Prince, who has shown the ability to hit catch-and-shoot threes, if not very reliably.

For this trade to go through, the Wizards would have to add 2018 first-round pick Troy Brown Jr., a capable SG/SF who can play solid bench minutes for the Nets.

Regardless of the offers the Nets send, a trade is still obviously determined by the Wizards’ willingness to trade Beal. He has been a cornerstone of their franchise. Although Beal was disgruntled with life in D.C. at times, he has called himself “loyal to a fault,” and stated that ideally, he’d like to spend his whole career in Washington.

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