Jazz Should Trade For Porter Jr.


Given the immense dysfunction that is starting to leak out of the nation’s capitol, it’s time to look at what moves the Washington Wizards could make  —  especially when it comes to the futures of Bradley Beal and John Wall.

For the Utah Jazz‘s sake, however, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to put a good enough offer on the table for the Wizards to give up their starting backcourt. In fact, it’s safe enough to say definitively that it won’t happen.

Is There Another Possibility?

But another player that could well be on their way out of Washington is Otto Porter Jr..

For a trade sending Porter Jr. to Utah to be given the green light, at least from a money perspective, the Jazz would need to give up three players. Those three guys from Salt Lake City would be Ricky Rubio, Thabo Sefolosha, and Tony Bradley.

Obviously, the hardest part of this trade  —  if you want to call it that  —  is giving up your starting point guard in Rubio. The justification for letting him go, though, is that this team needs a spark that doesn’t exist with him on the floor.

The justification for giving up Sefolosha and Bradley is much easier to deal with, considering their nearly invisible impact on the team at this time.

Ultimately, the reason the Jazz should consider this deal is because sooner or later, their lack of secondary scoring is going to shoot them in the foot. Unless your goal is another second round exit or worse for this team, Donovan Mitchell needs a scorer that can share the burden consistently.

It may take some getting used to, but Otto Porter Jr. can definitely be that guy for Utah.

For the Wizards, it’ll need to get a lot warmer in the kitchen before they make this deal, but that’s where this team is headed. It may not happen until Beal and/or Wall are wearing a new uniform, but there’s no doubt that the chaos has really just begun.


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Keith is based In Salt Lake City and covers the Jazz for TLSM. Follow him on Twitter @mrkeithrivas for all things Utah Jazz.

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