The Curious Case Of Khris Middleton


The Discussion Continues Of Middleton’s Worth

As the Bucks defeated a tough Charlotte Hornets team Saturday evening, 131-114, stellar performances were contagious all around. With Giannis Antetokounmpo putting up 26 points and Brook Lopez contributing 25, something was in the air. Whatever that something was though, did not pass along to Khris Middleton. Scoring only 9 points in 28 minutes, this game gave the critics even more ammo to tear down the one-time All-Star.

The spotlight would not be as bright on Middleton this season if it wasn’t for his impending free agency. The Milwaukee Bucks have one max spot this offseason and it’s getting tougher to decide if Middleton is worth that slot. Averaging 17.4 points this season, Khris has done his part in contributing to the Bucks. They are even the first team in the NBA to not only secure a playoff berth but to win 50 games.

That is all good when you look at what has been accomplished. However, there are some games leaving viewers wondering who the number two on the team is.

Bledsoe Earned His Extension

Eric Bledsoe has already fulfilled his desire to stay in Milwaukee by signing a 4-year, $70 million deal. Bledsoe has been playing his best basketball this season and the Bucks organization has shown its appreciation by extending his stay. Can the same be said for Middleton though? That has yet to be determined. Many fans have been calling for the organization to not pay Khris the max contract. This is understandable when you look at performances like the one Friday. There are other nights though when Khris shines as bright as any other All-Star in the league.

There is still plenty of basketball to play this season and that includes the postseason. Milwaukee hopes to make a big run this spring towards playing into June. Middleton will be a big part of if this season success continues.

With every player on the bench stepping up, the pressure is on for Khris to help carry this team to the promised land. It can be safe to say if Middleton performs to his All-Star caliber self, the Bucks will more than likely give him the max spot. If he doesn’t give his all though, many speculate that Khris will be playing elsewhere next season.

Tough Questions Must Be Asked

This has not been an easy subject all season and I don’t see it getting any easier. The playoffs will paint a bigger picture of what the Bucks should do this offseason. Many have given their input on what they want Milwaukee to do with Middleton, but it’s a hard question to ask. If the Bucks would be in the exact same spot that they are in without Middleton, then it is obvious to not give him the max, but it’s an easier question to ask then answer.

Many tough questions will be asked going forward and we must trust the Bucks to make the right call. For all the naysayers out there, let’s see what the playoffs hold. Who knows, we might just have a true number two on our hands. The one we have always needed right next to Antetokounmpo who will bring another championship back to Milwaukee.


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