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Thanasis Prepares For Bucks Hoops Heroism


Every young men’s hoops player wants to play in the NBA. The catch is, everyone wants to be the next LeBron or Steph. No one wants to be a, gulp, “role player.” Anything but that! However, Giannis’s older brother Thanasis, who the Bucks recently signed to a two-year contract, desires to block this narrative. True, the elder Greek God probably won’t make as significant an impact as Buck starters. But Thanasis brings a unique skillset and familial chemistry that may provide the missing juju for a long-awaited finals berth.

World Cup Exhibition

Greece didn’t achieve its goals of beating the U.S. in the FIBA World Cup or advancing to the knockout playoffs. More importantly, however, it gave the Antetokounbros training grounds for the NBA season. Thanasis’ defense in the warmup Acropolis tournament defies physics and skeptic short-sellers.

Thanasis more generally displayed eye-pleasing nimbleness and finesse athleticism in a satisfying tournament performance.

In the main tournament, Thanasis provided measured power at a pace slower than Giannis’, yet one equally purposeful.

With two preseason games under his belt, he now needs to acclimate to Milwaukee basketball.

New Energy At Media Day

Thanasis exhibited caution in front of the bright lights, carefully aiming to, “make my family proud, make myself proud, just keep working hard.”

The Harry Potter fan surely will bring wizardly chemistry with his MVP bro.

Bucks Scrimmage

After media day, the bros quickly transitioned to the annual Fiserv scrimmage. Teammates generously gave Thanasis a freebie dunk to boost his confidence.

However, regular-season hoopers won’t give him a penny. No worries, as he proved against Giannis, he won’t concede anything.

Thanasis was receptive to feedback, listening carefully to his brother when others were celebrating.


Thanasis produced 17 productive minutes for team black, just in time for preseason basketball.

Older Brother’s Role

True, Giannis may play the part of Harry or Luke Skywalker. But Thanasis is much more than a lame stormtrooper extra. He can provide an intriguing big man’s thunder in crucial minutes, with enough speed to maintain a strong floor presence. Going back to the Jason Kidd era, Milwaukee has attempted to differentiate itself as more than a group of mercenaries, a style seen too often elsewhere. Instead, the deer family fosters amicable player development with the Larry O’Brien trophy as shared motivation. Stride for stride, Thanasis streaks upcourt with his new teammates for Milwaukee basketball glory.

Through two preseason games, Thanasis is averaging 9.0 points, 7.5 rebounds and 2.0 assists across 18.0 minutes per game.

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