Smith Unhappy With Lack of Playing Time?


Just hours after a 133-111 loss to the Atlanta Hawks Sunday, Cavs shooting guard J.R. Smith, who didn’t see the floor, seemed very displeased with the decision, voicing his thoughts through a series of tweets.

After getting off to a slow start to the season, playing the Hawks seemed like a sure fire way to get back on track. Clearly, this wasn’t the case. Whether it’s known or not Smith’s presence would’ve made an impact or not, it’s justified why the 15-year veteran was displeased.

Also worth noting– Smith took to Instagram to release his thoughts. Smith posted a photo of his supposed pre-game kicks, with an interesting caption plus a clearly frustrated response to a follower in the comments section.

Smith has appeared in only one out of three contests this season– logging under four minutes of court time.


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Conor is a Sports Management Major at Niagara University. Living in Buffalo, New York, Conor hopes to pursue a career in Media Relations in the near future.

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