Should Minnesota Target Beal?


Since the beginning of this season, the Washington Wizards have been out of sorts. While consistently making the playoffs in the Eastern Conference, they have been a confusingly troubled roster. Recently, the Wizards have been talking about making their two all-star level players, John Wall and Bradley Beal, available for trade.

Since making a move of their own, the Timberwolves have been playing very well– going 7-3 since the Jimmy Butler trade. Robert Covington and Dario Saric have been posting solid numbers, and there is a new energy about this team ever since.

Although it has been going well, there is always room for improvement.

Bradley Beal is a very interesting player. He’s a 3-and-D wing with great ability to score off the catch. He made his first all-star team last year– and it’s been reported that he wants to leave the Wizards.

The Timberwolves need to strike up a deal with Washington as soon as they can. Adding this level of talent to an already impressive defensive group would be deadly.

The Trade

The Wolves would have to give up some serious value to acquire Beal. The deal would more than likely have to include more than one draft pick, and a very solid young player.

A package of Andrew Wiggins, Jeff Teague, their 2020 first round pick, and Cleveland’s 2019 second round pick might be enough to get Beal.

Why this package makes sense

Logistically, Beal doesn’t want to be there– and the Wizards need to at least get something for dealing him. Because of that, matching the salaries with Wiggins’ max contract and Beal’s would make sense to get some level of young talent.

Who knows? Andrew Wiggins might get some confidence with a new team and play way better than he has over the start of this young season.

Jeff Teague adds depth behind John Wall at the one — especially with Wall also possibly on the move — and adds a veteran presence that has never missed the playoffs.

The picks are added for future value and an investment– something Washington will need to make.

Impact for the Timberwolves

Minnesota gets better immediately. As previously mentioned, Beal is an all-star, 20 points per game kind of player. When you can trade for one of those players, your team should improve almost over night. The growing pains will be there, but once the Wolves get past that, it’ll be smooth sailing.

He adds three-point shooting to a previously awful shooting team. As we have seen in recent years, spacing is really important. He adds another aspect of spacing with his shooting prowess. He also would be adding to a newly elite defensive squad. Since the Butler trade, the Wolves have the second best defensive rating in the NBA. Andrew Wiggins’ defensive numbers are abysmal this season, and if you can make a switch from Wiggins to Beal, you’ll do it 10/10 times.

Beal would also fit very well next to Derrick Rose, who would presumably be starting at point guard due to his newfound three-point shooting success. Those two would be a similar duo to the duo in Portland, Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum, in that they could both score from all three levels of the floor and play off of each other to score even more. The difference though, is this proposed Wolves duo can play solid defense on a consistent basis.

A three-point shooting tandem with Beal and Robert Covington is also quite intriguing. They have a comparable skill set. They can play alongside each other because they both need to be held in check from the three-point line.

Once you look at the lineup after this trade, you can see that the Wolves would be set up for another playoff appearance:

Derrick Rose, Bradley Beal, Robert Covington, Taj Gibson and Karl Anthony-Towns would be a dangerous lineup going forward. It’s still a decently young core, with room to grow on the bench.


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I’m a small town kid from a very rural are of Minnesota. I’ve been with TLSM since 2018. I manage @TWolvesLead on Twitter and I make up one third of the Stretch Three Podcast. Go Wolves!

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