Should DJ Absorb Ersan’s Minutes?


D.J. Wilson Has Disappeared

When the Bucks acquired the deep threat in Nikola Mirotic at the trade deadline, fans knew that certain players’ minutes would be cut. To some disappointment, D.J. Wilson has suffered the most when it comes to playing time. The 2nd year player has been showcasing what he can do on the court, leaving fans urging for more. Granted, the Bucks have a deep bench, but should DJ sit over Ersan Ilyasova?

In 55 appearances this season, Illyasova has averaged 6.9 points and 4.4 rebounds. Although he was brought on to add length, there is a sense of sloppiness that appears on the court when he steps on it. Everyone loves a good charge and no one does it better than Turkish Thunder. There needs to be a balance of defense, however, that #77 doesn’t supply. In addition to being lanky, Wilson’s defensive presence stands out more than anything.

Defense Is Key

Scoring might sell tickets, but defense wins championships. In the past 10 games, the Bucks’ defense is ranked 26th in the league. Their offense ranks 3rd in that timespan which is why they continue to dominate, but that is simply not enough. In 34 appearances, Wilson has averaged 5.0 points and 4.3 rebounds per game– very similar to Ersan’s numbers. As Milwaukee keeps fighting for the lucrative number one seed in the east, it’s understandable that experience is a necessity, but dimming the light on a player who has rejuvenated his game could potentially be hurtful for this team moving forward.

A prime example was set on St. Patrick’s Day, as the Bucks lost to the 76ers 130-125. It showcased how much our defense needs to improve when it comes to the playoffs. Giannis scored a career-high 52 points but they still could not pull out a victory. With the loss of Malcolm Brogdon, D.J. Wilson contributed 13 points in 16 minutes. Ersan on the other hand added just five points in 18 minutes. The fans came to life when D.J. entered the game and the team seems to become more confident with him on the floor. If we learned anything Sunday, it’s that the bench must step up with the loss of a reliable Brogdon. Wilson might be the man for the job– he just needs his chance.

Injuries Provide New Opportunity

As Bucks fans, we must have faith that the coaching staff knows what is best for this team and what it takes to win. As Ersan continues his inconsistent play, the question can be asked how much longer can this continue until it hurts the Bucks and their postseason aspirations. Ideally, you would look for a common ground that plays both Ersan and DJ. Injuries are what provided DJ with his initial chance at the start of the season, and the new wave of ailments may reveal another diamond in the rough.


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