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Should Boston Look to Acquire Drummond?


With the Pistons’ injury woes a key reason for their early-season struggles, many reports suggest that Andre Drummond will be moved before the trade deadline. Numerous teams are reportedly interested, including the Hawks, Mavericks and the Celtics. It is common knowledge that the Celtics are in need of a better center. Therefore, the recent trade rumors have led many wondering if a trade centered around Drummond would be a good idea for Boston.


Drummond Is an Amazing Big

Let’s start with the obvious– Andre Drummond is an outstanding center. He is an All-Star and has been averaging incredible numbers this season (17.4 PPG/15.9 RPG). The 26-year-old center has been a huge contributor for Detroit ever since he was drafted. His talent is undeniable, and he would be a large factor for any team in the NBA. His historic performance against the Jazz last season is proof of his incredible value. With his 30-point/24-rebound performance, Drummond made Rudy Gobert — a notorious defensive player of the year candidate — look like an average player.


Worth the risk?

Drummond’s success in the NBA makes him an interesting fit for Boston. He would definitely answer some of the team’s rebounding and defensive needs. The price to pay in order to obtain him, however, is extremely high. Considering their salaries, if the Celtics want to trade for Andre, they would have to give up something along the lines of Gordon Hayward and at least one first round pick. With Hayward having a stellar season, giving up on him probably isn’t a very wise decision.

An other important element to consider is that both players will soon hit free agency. Hayward may very well be more likely to re-sign than Drummond would. All an all, Hayward is a perfect fit in Brad Stevens’ system, and looking back on how good he has been playing this season, trading him would be a terrible decision. Celtics fans must not forget Hayward incredibly efficient 39-point game against Cleveland on 17-21 shooting.

A pleasant surprise

Another important thing to consider regarding the Drummond fit is how well Daniel Theis and Enes Kanter have been playing thus far. Theis has been the starting center for the Celtics this season, and he has not disappointed. He provides solid defense and his play style fits perfectly in Stevens’ system. He has a soft shooting touch from the mid-range and he often blocks players in incredible fashion. The Celtics’ recent home game against Atlanta shows how important Theis is for the team. In the last possession of the game, Theis blocked Trae Young’s game-winning three-point attempt, sealing the win for Boston.

The second big man in Boston’s rotation is Enes Kanter, who as of late has been proving doubters wrong. His last three performances were double doubles, including a career-high six-block game against Charlotte. Kanter’s performance was such a surprise, he was drug tested after the game.

Kanter’s last game against Atlanta was no different, as he grabbed 11 boards and scored 14 points. His solid night was highlighted by a thunderous dunk over Alex Len.


Is a trade necessary?

Although Drummond is an amazing player that could make the Celtics a title contender, trading for him seems like a huge gamble. Given Hayward’s importance to the team and incredible performances from Theis and Kanter, trading for Drummond does not seem to be worth the risk. All things considered, as the Celtics evolve this season, a solid scoring bench player would seem like what this team needs. Although a Wanamaker-led second unit is extremely solid on defense, it lacks an offensive spark that would be extremely useful against tough opponents. The NBA seems to have forgotten about Jamal Crawford, a former sixth man of the year, who racked up a 51-point performance last season. Should the Celtics roll the dice and sign him?

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