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Revisiting Bucks’ 2019-2020 Season Predictions


So, awhile back, in a time long, long ago before the NBA season even began, yours truly wrote a little piece chronicling my opinions on the Bucks’ chances to reach their 57.5 win over/under mark. Well, they have certainly made some strides, haven’t they? So, with the All-Star break all but under their belts and the second half about to begin, let’s play a game of “The Paul is Right (Or Wrong) about the Bucks!”


  • Prediction: 3-1
  • Actual record: 2-2 (-1)

Toughest match-ups results: @ Houston (W), @ Boston (L)

With a short month and being the very beginning of the season, I was not too sure what to expect in the early going, but I ended up pretty happy with this prediction. Not only did the Bucks win one of the tough match-ups highlighted — their season opener against Houston — they were a pair of blown leads from not just being 3-1, but potentially 4-0 in the short October. So far, so good!


  • Prediction: 11-5/14-6
  • Actual record: 15-1 (+4)/17-3

Toughest match-ups results: @ LA Clippers (W), @ Utah (L), vs. Utah (W)

Well, I somehow forgot the Bucks were this good in November, but even then my predictions weren’t completely off base, as my 11-5 prognostication puts me just three games down from their actual record at this point. In addition, their one loss was, again, one of my predicted tough games, this time in a heartbreaking buzzer-beater defeat at the hands of the Utah Jazz. The holiday season was to come, though, and the Bucks were heading into it handing out wins to Bucks fans like presents.


  • Prediction: 12-3/26-9
  • Actual record: 13-2 (+1)/30-5

Toughest match-ups results: vs. LA Clippers (W), @ Philadelphia (L)

In my original predictions article, I described the Bucks-Clippers sequel in Milwaukee as a “titanic” match-up, as is one of my trademarks. However, that was certainly not the case, as the Bucks would absolutely obliterate the Clips with a 28-point thrashing back on December 6th. While they would lose their 18-game winning streak to Dallas less than two weeks later, they would respond with a huge win over the Lakers, who had just come off of a big streak of their own. Before a new one could start for Milwaukee, however, the 76ers put a stop to that with a dominant Christmas Day showing in a 121-109 scoreline that would not seem as close as a dozen. The Bucks did rebound with three wins in a row to end the month, though, sending them into 2020 on a high note and at 25 above .500.


  • Prediction: 10-3/36-12
  • Actual record: 11-2 (+1)/41-7

Toughest match-ups results: @ Portland (W), vs. Denver (L)

The wins just kept on rolling in the New Year, as the Bucks would put together an 11-2 record to extend their over .500 number to a staggering 34 (fitting, that). While they would put away yet another toughest match-up against Portland, they would also put one in the loss column as Denver shot the lights out to take a 127-115 victory on the month’s last day, bringing Milwaukee to 5-4 in such games up to this point. Even an ugly loss to San Antonio earlier on in the month didn’t stem the tide, as they would only rattle off their next nine games before the Denver loss.


  • Prediction: 9-2/45-14
  • Actual record: 10-1 (+1)/51-8

Toughest match-ups results: vs. Philadelphia (W), vs. Philadelphia (W)

Well, I am more than happy to continue to be wrong, but I am also surprised that I am still relatively close to their actual record. Not only did they finish the month with over 50 wins, they also secured the earliest playoff clinch in NBA history with a Washington loss to Chicago. And on top of all of that, they capped February off with a 47-point victory over the playoff-bound (as of writing) Oklahoma City Thunder, so you can say that’s pretty good.

Simply put, it has been a great ride the Bucks have put their fans on this season, and the 61-21 record that I put out into the world for my prediction is already in critical condition, and I could not be happier.

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