Is This The Resurgence Of The Former 4th Overall Pick?


In his 5th year out of Syracuse Miami Heat shooting guard is leading them to clutch victories and is averaging a careeh-high 18.7 points  4 rebounds and 4.7 assists in wins this season. He has hit game winners against the Cavaliers and Warriors and seems to be the go-to guy for a rebuilding team. This is Waiters’ 3rd team; the Cavs, Thunder, and now the Heat. The talent was never the question. His high volume and career 41.2% shooting from the field seems to have people still questioning if he has all-star potential or not.

All-rookie team, rising stars challenge participant is what he has to his resume so far. In Cleveland Waiters’ and Kyrie Irving looked like a potential great back-court for the future. That was until LeBron came home. Some people say that Waiters’ never got a fair chance to be great. Traded to OKC right before the deadline in 2014, Waiters’ instantly was the Reggie Jackson replacement. The number one option off of the bench averaging 12.7 point during his first year. During the playoffs he played well in each round and was clearly the 3rd scoring option.

Approaching free agency Waiters’ was seeking a max deal and Billy Donovan instantly made it clear during draft night shipping Serge Ibaka out of town for Victor Oladipo, it was clear Waiters’ was on the bad side.

How would a first round match-up between the Cavs and Heat sound?


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