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What a month! College football is nearing an end, the Packers look like championship contenders, the Brewers went back to a better logo and basketball is in full swing. The Milwaukee newspaper is starting to write out Giannis Antetokounmpo out of Milwaukee, Giannis can’t seem to buy a call his way, I had my first article post on Bucks Lead, had a baby girl, and did I mention basketball? Yes! The Bucks have won 12 straight!

To go along with the Brewers’ logo unveiling and new Nike jerseys, it was only a matter of time that the Bucks’ jersey would change since the first design came under the Adidas label and outfitters usually like to put their mark on the sport or team they are outfitting, some for better and some for worse.

A little backstory: when Nike took over the outfitting duties/rights for the NBA starting in the 2017-18 season, what was known as a “home” and “road” jersey was considered no more. The main two uniforms are the “Association” and “Icon” editions. They also have “Statement,” “City,” and debuting last year was the “Earned” editions for teams that made the playoffs the previous year.

The Bucks debuted their new threads (pictured on right below) on the season opener against Houston, but where do they rank all-time? We break down our favorites into three categories and an overall top five. Home, road, and alternate. Have a look:


Home (traditionally white)

#5) I was born in the mid-80’s and the majority of my childhood was the purple generation. There were two versions, and my favorite was the second there the side piping of the the shorts goes all the way up the torso.

#4) Next on my top five is the first version of the “Irish Rainbow”

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Robert Lewis, Getty Images

#3) The jersey that the Bucks wore in the 70’s in Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s time. Nothing real flashy about it, but the buck on the shorts is one of my favorite uniform features.

#2) Is the current “home” jersey. They brought back the rainbow aspect, and again, nothing real flashy with timeless look.

#1) This is the first jersey I remember seeing the Bucks play in. THE Irish Rainbow uniform. Though I never witnessed any good teams, I still remember playing in my driveway pretending to be Todd Day, Blue Edwards or Alvin Robertson.

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Getty Images

Away (traditionally dark)

#5) I’m not a big fan of red in the Bucks’ uniform use, you will not see any of the late 2000’s in the main home and away…or my top 5 overall, that is why this version from the 80’s is not ranked as high.

Dick Raphael, Getty Images

#4) Ditto on this one. Red and green are too Christmas-y and not a good look on the court.

#3) I like purple, don’t get me wrong, but when one looks at uniforms, there are some that are timeless, and other’s that SCREAM a time period. The Bucks’ purple look was definitely a 90’s look.

#2) So green and sooo beautiful.

Milwaukee Bucks v New Jersey Nets : News Photo

Nathaniel S Buttler, Getty Images

#1) My favorite uniform is the current “away” uniform, aka the “Icon Edition.” I love the cream to represent the “Cream City,” the “Cream City Rainbow” on the sides bringing back the element made famous by past Bucks’ uniforms, and above all, “MILWAUKEE” written on the chest.¬† It brings attention to the city and with a star like Giannis Antetokounmpo, it brings attention to the city from all over the world. Hell, there are kids in Greece playing on a court with Giannis in his Milwaukee green.


There aren’t many alternates and last year was the only use of Nike’s “Earned Edition” uniforms for teams that made the playoffs. However, there will probably be new uniforms to come out this year beyond what is currently in the Bucks’ stall.

#5) Like I said before, I don’t like the red and green from the 2000’s, but putting “Milwaukee” on the chest in the midst of the birth of “Fear the Deer” was perfect.

#4) If any readers of Uni Watch (great read – completely unsolicited reference, but if Paul does read this, hi) then you know his beef about black uniforms and the acronym BFBS (black for black’s sake). I knew when the Bucks’ new colors came out that the black line in the Cream City Rainbow meant a black uniform would come out. Their original “Fear the Deer” uniform didn’t look bad and it kind of grew on me. I also like that when they went with the black they went ALL-IN with a court to boot.

#3) Is a fan favorite and with the abundance of 90’s themed uniforms coming out this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one makes an appearance some time soon. The deer jersey was ahead of its time, too bad it didn’t stick. Maybe something in the current color scheme would look good?

#2) Is last year’s “Earned Edition,” worn for a small period of time, was essentially the City Edition template last year, but in white. I loved the colors and the pop of the greens.


#1) The beautiful Cream City Edition. I only wish the striping went all the way around to the back, but beggars can’t be choosers.

My Overall Top 5

No need to go into much detail on the uniforms themselves here. I loved the green and the iconic Irish Rainbow of the 80’s, with probably the best use of a mascot in a logo from that era. Funny how it is from the same era as the Brewers iconic ball-in-glove logo.

I love the current color scheme and the fact that the city of my favorite team is represented when they take the court with one of the biggest sports stars in the world.

I also grew up watching a lowly team get a number one pick and assemble a team that probably could have won and NBA Championship¬† in the early 2000’s (save that for a different article). It is also fun to watch the teams of yesteryear perform on NBA Classics; oh to have been there when they hoisted the trophy. Without further ado my overall top five are:

#5) The current “Association Edition”

#4) The Green Irish Rainbow uniform

#3) Cream City Edition

#2) The current green Milwaukee

#1) Just announced recently as a new alternate, I would LOVE this jersey as a normal rotation piece.


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