The Swish List – Episode 1


Welcome to the Swish List! We are a new podcast to the TLSM Network this season. The team is comprised of Raptors Lead writers Matthew Winick and Jesse Jaurji, alongside high school basketball standout Jamison Schulz-Franco and Lonzo Ball superfan Nathanuel Johnson.

Be prepared for a highly entertaining, informative and fiery series. The team loves to disagree, and we bring some spicy hot takes. This week, we discuss Restricted Free Agency signings, give our award predictions, and set the stage for our weekly bold prediction segment. The worst prediction has to rap the following week. Enjoy!




About Matthew Winick

Matthew Winick is an avid basketball fan both from the NBA side, as well as NCAA hoops. A native of Toronto, Ontario, he is a lifetime Raptors fan and is just now reaping the benefits. He is currently studying Sport Media at Ryerson University in Toronto, and hopes to be talking sports with the best of them in his future. You can reach him on any social media @matthewwinick.

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