MJ’s Top 5 Greatest Moments


There is no doubt that Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players who ever lived. His career is heavily responsible for the surge in popularity of the NBA back in the 80s and 90s. His ability to soar and slam dunk earned him titles like His Airness and Air Jordan. Lastly as we all know, he won six titles with the Chicago Bulls.

The NBA became a worldwide phenomenon because MJ and the Bulls became a beloved NBA team with lots of people betting on them during most matches. In Las Vegas sports-betting casinos, the Bulls were often favorites. Even though Vegas doesn’t have their own NBA team, sports like these are still huge there as described in this article. Jordan retired in 1999 and now owns the Charlotte Hornets. As one of the greatest in the business, he’s had a lot of magical moments in his career. Here are some of them.

5. Space Jam

Michael Jordan made a foray into Hollywood with the movie Space Jam and guess who his co-stars were? The cartoon characters from Looney Tunes– Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. In the movie a bunch of aliens come to earth to steal talent from some NBA players and enslave the cartoon characters. As you can imagine, Michael Jordan comes to the rescue.

4. The Flu Game

What do you do when you get the flu? Stay in bed, take medicine and get sleep? Not MJ. Even with the flu, Jordan led the Bulls to a thrilling 90-88 win against the Utah Jazz.

3. The Greatest Shot

Every basketball fan has to agree that MJ’s shot over Craig Ehlo has to be one of the greatest ever. MJ finished with 25 against the Cavs that propelled Chicago into the semifinals.

2. The Last Shot

The infamous last shot. MJ goes one-on-one with Byron Russell, crossing him up and knocking down what would seal the deal on his sixth and final title. It’s no surprise that his pair of Air Jordans he wore during that game recently sold for a record price of $560,000 at an auction.

1. Against the Celtics

In the 1986 playoffs, the eighth-seeded Bulls went up against the top-seeded Boston Celtics. The Bulls were swept in this series, but MJ dropped a record 63 points in Game 2– a record that still stands today.

There are plenty of other wonderful moments of Michael Jordan’s career that just missed the cut here (dropping 43 on the Nets at age 40 for example), but that’s our top five! Let us know which moments you’d change below.


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