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Luka Continues to Rise Up Mavs’ All-Time Leaderboards


The Dallas Mavericks have been in the NBA for 40 seasons. They’re not necessarily a young franchise, but they’re also not quite as storied as other teams. While the Mavericks’ leaderboards are not necessarily a who’s who of NBA legends, Luka Doncic is putting together a campaign to be at the top of most leader categories.

Each game Doncic razzles and dazzles crowds, whether home or away. And each game it feels like he is breaking a record or creating history. Whether that is NBA history, or just Dallas Mavericks history, Doncic has turned into must-see television.


A Quick Ascent

Only a few weeks into his second season, Luka Doncic sits at number 37 all-time in points scored for the Dallas Mavericks franchise. Every few games he is projected to climb higher and higher up the leaderboard. Depending on if he can continue to keep up the pace he has currently set, there is a good chance he jumps to 20th all-time for the Mavericks by the end of the season.

If points alone weren’t enough to sway you, Doncic is also already number 20 all-time in three-pointers made for the Mavericks. He hit the third-most threes by a rookie last season with 168 total threes made. This season he’s shooting them at a greater volume while also hitting them with slightly more efficiency. He’s on pace to smash last season’s total.

Threes made and points scored obviously correlate, so it’s no surprise that the more threes Doncic makes, the more points he scores, thus, he continues to climb those leaderboards. That’s not where the campaign ends, however.

The Visionary

Despite having played only 87 games, Doncic sits 22nd all-time in assists with 591 for the Mavericks. When you move from career total assists to career average assists, he sits only behind Hall of Famers Jason Kidd and Steve Nash. Doncic has seen his per-game assist average jump from 6.7 to 9.5 through the first 17 games of the year. Cracking the Mavericks’ top 12 by the end of this season is a pretty attainable goal. 

How about rebounding? He’s number 49 all-time in total boards. Doncic is still a good 10,756 rebounds behind retired Dallas legend Dirk Nowitzki. However, he’s only 3,856 behind the guy second on the list — James Donaldson. When you look at career rebounding averages, Doncic is eighth all-time, grabbing 8.2 rebounds a game. Clearly, at the pace he’s currently crashing the glass, he’ll surpass many former Maverick greats in no time.

Tim MacMahon recently said on the Woj Pod, “Last season he had arguably the best season by a teenager in NBA history.”

What is even more impressive than last season is Doncic’s hot start. There is reason to believe he will continue to wow crowds and rise up the Dallas Mavericks leaderboards. It’s hard to believe he’s only 20 years old and playing this well already. It’s also hard to believe the Mavericks moved from the Dirk years to the Luka Era so seamlessly.


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