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Korver Couldn’t Be a More Perfect Fit with Bucks


The Bucks’ 2019 offseason has been very interesting. Some think the Bucks took a major blow after sign & trading Malcolm Brogdon to Indiana for three draft picks. Others feel that Milwaukee did a great job filling the Brogdon void. It is very hard to replace a 50-40-90 player, as the only others to ever accomplish that feat are Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki and Mark Price.

That’s some elite company. Still, the Bucks got three picks out of a guy who didn’t exactly seem like he wanted to be playing in Milwaukee, and saved themselves from entering the luxury tax when they’re almost certainly going to have to do just that to retain Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Replacing Brogdon

Not only did Milwaukee get picks for Malcolm, they also signed veterans Wesley Matthews and Kyle Korver to veteran minimum contracts.

The Bucks also inked Robin Lopez, Thanasis Anteokounmpo, Dragan Bender and two-way players Frank Mason & Cam Reynolds to fill out their roster.

The Impact of Kyle Korver

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Everybody knows that Kyle Korver is one of the best perimeter shooters this game has ever seen. He holds a career 3-point percentage of 42.9%, higher than the likes of Klay Thompson, Ray Allen, and many other legendary shooters. Korver also ranks 4th all time in NBA history in 3-pointers made, only behind Ray Allen, Reggie Miller and Steph Curry.

Korver also has one of the quickest releases in the NBA. His ability to move off ball, run around screens, catch & shoot, and create his own shot will all be vital to Milwaukee’s success. Mike Budenholzer’s system revolves around spacing. More specifically, spacing for MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Why Korver is the Perfect Fit

To surround Giannis with shooters is very important, because it leaves the defense with a difficult decision. Do they stay on their man on the perimeter and let Giannis take someone one-on-one while he’s running down the lane? Or do they leave their man to help defend Giannis, only to have Giannis use his passing ability to find the open shooter? Either way, the defense loses. The Bucks found success by having shooters outside last season, but none were anywhere near as good at stroking the three as Kyle Korver is.

For instances where there may be a wall and Giannis can’t get into the paint with ease, imagine the famous “Tony Snell play”, but instead of Tony Snell, the man receiving the ball from Giannis is Kyle Korver.

Despite what people think about Korver, don’t think he is a liability on defense. He is not the most athletic, strong or quick defender in the world, but he gives it his all. Korver is also a very smart team defender, a vital asset in a defense like Coach Bud’s that uses a lot of switching and helping. He isn’t a guy who will lock anybody down, but you also won’t see a big drop off in defensive rating when he is on the floor.

Korver also rejoins his former coach and mentor in Mike Budenholzer. The two spent several seasons together in Atlanta, including Kyle’s lone all-star appearance in 2014-15 (49.2% 3PT!).

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