Knicks Yielding Loss for Words and Losses in Herds


With a chill in the New York air, perhaps the coldest moment of Wednesday night resided within the walls of Madison Square Garden. Hosting the Memphis Grizzlies, the New York Knicks posted yet another abysmal home performance. Taking a loss by 21 and now having a home record of 7-18 on the year, the Knicks have all but defended their home turf this season. In other words, this loss was not surprising. What was surprising however, was what happened in the fourth quarter with the Knicks trailing by 18 points and throwing in the white flag with less than 50 seconds remaining in the game.


The Knicks undoubtedly expected Jae Crowder to dribble out the shot clock and Elfrid Payton made that idea well known. Regardless if you agree with Jae Crowder or not, the truth of the story is that the Knicks are frustrated and not respected around the league. The brawl serves to be yet another black mark on the New York Knicks, James Dolan, and Madison Square Garden as a whole. And the fans made that known quickly:

This brings up the narrative, yet again, on whether or not the Knicks will ever be successful under this ownership.

James Dolan has owned the Knicks since 1999 and the team has had four winning seasons since. The frustrated fan base has been screaming and hollering at ownership to make changes for years now and rightfully so. With the trade deadline approaching, the Knicks will certainly be in asset-collection mode as they once again are well on their way to yet another losing season and yet another lottery pick. It is really a shame to see the New York Knicks and Madison Square Garden. go from a place that people once referred to as “The Mecca,” to an inevitable sports black hole.

The 2020 NBA trade deadline commences next Thursday, February 6th, at 3:00 PM ET.

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