John Wall Criticized Teammate’s Effort


John Wall is doing everything in his power to help the Washington Wizards.  Even if that comes down to him being a scorer.

Last night Wall had a career game against the Orlando Magic, despite losing the game.  Wall finished the game with 52 points, 8 assist, and 3 steals, while shooting 58% from the field.

Wall is the first Wizard to score at least 50 points since Gilbert Arenas in 2007.  According to ESPN, Wall’s 52 points in the loss were the most in franchise history since Earl Monroe’s 56 points on February 13, 1968.

Even after a huge performance, Wall questioned his teammates effort.

It’s no surprise that Wall is calling out his teammates.  Let’s face it.  The Wizards have been awful to start the season off, with a record of 7-13.  They are currently the fourth worse team in the East.

After the game, Wall expressed his frustrations to reporters.  “Our job is to wake up and just play hard. Before you made it to the NBA or got a college scholarship, you played hard every day to get to where you wanted to” Wall said.

“To still be talking about playing hard, that’s something that you should be able to do after just waking up. Everybody has a job and they have to go work hard. Our job is to come here and play hard and compete. That’s the easiest thing that you should do without any contracts or any money, just come in and play basketball. … If I had the answer we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

It sounds like Wall is tired of hearing his team use the “we need to play harder” as a reason for their rough start to the season.

The season is still early, but if the Wizards don’t make adjustments, they will be watching the playoffs at home for the second consecutive season.




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