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Is Jarrett Culver NBA-Starter Ready?


Continuing Draft Lead’s strength and weakness breakdowns of top lottery prospects in this year’s draft is Texas Tech’s Jarrett Culver.

Height/Weight: 6’7″/194 pounds

Position/College: Shooting Guard/Texas Tech

2018-2019 Season Stats

18.5 PPG | 6.4 RPG | 3.7 APG | 1.5 SPG | 32.5 MPG | 46.1% FG | 30.4% 3FG | 70.7% FT


Jarrett Culver is great at driving to the hoop. He can finish creatively around the rim and has confidence getting there. He possesses offensive versatility for his ability to spread the floor through his passing as well as his ability to knock down open shots. Culver has a plus wingspan, and uses that tool to pull down rebounds well for a shooting guard. This also allows Culver to be a defensive weapon. His long arms allow him to get into passing lanes, as he averaged 1.5 steals per game. He can guard positions 1-4 due to his size, long arms and commitment. He has a strong work ethic and leadership qualities. Culver never seems to take plays off and will do what it takes to win.


Due to the lack of other offensive options on his team, Culver would force some bad shots. He would also get frustrated when his shots weren’t falling. This would often cause his shot selection to get worse. Culver would also drive to the hoop with no plan and miss his shots or get blocked. His three-point shooting regressed during his sophomore year, and needs to be worked on in the NBA. There are also questions about his lateral quickness. Although it has been enough for college players, he may not be fast enough to maintain his defensive switchability against NBA level athletes. He will also need to put on weight to stay with stronger forwards.


Overall, Jarrett Culver looks to be a strong starter in the NBA. His shot selection will most likely get better with other strong offensive options around him. He will continue to be a strong all around contributor and stat stuffer. Although his shot has a funky release, working with NBA coaches will undoubtedly improve his shooting. His defense will continue to be a strength of his, however he will probably be unable to guard quicker guards and stronger forwards. He will need to put on weight to stay with bigger front court players. Culver’s intangibles and skills will allow him to become a quality NBA starter early in his career.


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