How Utah Could Acquire Jimmy Butler


With news breaking on Wednesday that Jimmy Butler now officially wants out of Minnesota, the question becomes where to and how soon. Tom Thibodeau is reportedly not in a rush to get rid of the former Bull, but Butler didn’t hesitate to name three places he would immediately accept. Those teams are the Los Angeles Clippers, Brooklyn Nets, and New York Knicks.

New York isn’t going to give up valuable assets to get someone via trade that they are confident they can acquire next summer, which should make everyone think hard moving forward about what could happen with Butler. Kawhi Leonard was in a similar situation in that he was unhappy with his current team, but he ended up getting dealt to Toronto instead of one of the rumored to be true preferred destination.

If a team does pull off a successful trade for Butler, thinking of him as anything but a rental would be foolish.

The Utah Jazz have avoided any major shakeups this summer, but the idea of landing Butler has to be intriguing, at least for the moment. This wouldn’t come without a cost — more specifically speaking to the fact that they would have to ship out Ricky Rubio and Joe Ingles.

However, if you can get past losing them, there is a three team trade possibility that would boost the chances of the Jazz doing serious damage dramatically.

Here’s how the deal would work:

Jazz get: Jimmy Butler, Dion Waiters

Timberwolves gets: Joe Ingles, future 1st and 2nd round picks (UTA)

Heat get: Ricky Rubio

This isn’t to say that this would necessarily happen, but the gravity of such a trade isn’t something to be ruled out just yet. Adding a star like Butler would allow Utah’s offense to possibly be more explosive and lethal, but Joe Ingles is a fan favorite and was a tremendous help morale wise in Utah’s first round thumping of the Thunder.

If we thought we had seen enough madness this summer, the winner of the Jimmy Butler sweepstakes, if he is traded, could turn the league upside down.


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