How a Simmons Jumper Would Alter Philly’s Outlook


It feels like the same story every summer. After months of discussion about Ben Simmons’ lack of a jump shot, a video surfaces of him working at it in the gym. When the regular season rolls around, however, the shot is nowhere to be seen. Almost like clockwork, a video has once again made its rounds on social media. The video, recorded by @swishcultures and posted by trainer Chris Johnson, shows¬†Simmons running down the court and pulling up for a three.

As noted, these type of videos are nothing new. They appear nearly every summer, so what makes this one different? For starters, Ben Simmons looks much less hesitant when pulling up than he did in previous videos. ESPN’s Jalen Rose noted this new confidence and how it feels different. Additionally, the fact that Ben Simmons just signed a $170 million contract may put a little more pressure on him to up his game. Simmons has always been a competitor, and will look to silence doubters with a jump shot this season. If this video is representative of something Simmons can apply to his game, how will it affect the team and Ben personally?

Addition of Another Three Point Threat

The biggest argument against the new Sixers team is the lack of consistent three-point shooting. The loss of JJ Redick leaves Tobias Harris as the only tried and true three-point shooter in the starting lineup. Josh Richardson has shown glimpses of being a deep threat, but could still use some work. In today’s NBA, there’s no such thing as too many three-point shooters, especially at the point guard position. If Simmons can consistently shoot from deep, it adds more options to the offense and relieves some of the defensive presence on Harris and Richardson. It could be especially helpful for Richardson, who is now no longer one of the only good playmakers on his team.

Forcing the defense to the perimeter will also open the inside. Al Horford and Joel Embiid will be able to get more one-on-one opportunities in the paint. Philly has been known to have great ball movement, and the expansion of Simmons’ range can complement that nicely.

Much Needed Confidence Boost

Ben Simmons is a great basketball player. His ball handling skills are superb. He moves with ease for a 6’11” point guard and is an all-star. He is not, however, an elite basketball player yet. Simmons received a five-year, $170 million contract this offseason. This was an investment with hope that he would become that elite player. With the addition of a basic jump shot, Simmons could be borderline unstoppable. He is too big for most point guards to defend, and too quick for most big men to defend. Adding a jump shot would fully mesh the two play styles and make him a threat from anywhere on the court.

Simmons has always been a player that feeds off of attitude and confidence. When his confidence is shaken, he tends to take less risks with the ball and plays safer. After his 31-point performance against the Brooklyn Nets in the playoffs, his confidence soared and he looked great for the remainder of the playoff run. As a point guard and leader of the team, there’s no room for hesitation and timidness. If Simmons can commit a jump shot to memory and realize he can use it whenever he wants, his confidence will soar. More confidence turns into more risks which turns into more reward.

Jumper= MVP?

For the past two seasons, Ben Simmons has shown glimpses of the dominant player he can be. While there is no denying his ability to score and create opportunities for teammates, there were questions about exactly what his ceiling could be. Entering the league, he saw comparisons to LeBron James, though those comparisons have dropped as time passed. He is already a point guard who can drive to the rim and dish great passes, so the addition of a jump shot has the potential to put him in conversation for MVP. So while this may be the same story as previous summers when it comes to videos of Ben’s shot, it is a new chapter. This could be the chapter that cements him as a top five player.


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