Building the MGU: The Memphis Grizzleverse


“There was an idea…the idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more…” -Nicholas J. Fury

I’m not sure if it’s being resigned to stay indoors for multiple months or the $7.65 that comes out of my account for Disney+, (btw the answer is both) but I’ve had the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the brain tough!

Toss in the fact that my favorite basketball team is currently attempting the never before attempted down in the Magic Kingdom, and this perfect Nerd/Sports gumbo is a little too enticing not to sample.

Look, I get it, going 0-4 to open bubble play and losing three crucial players has caused early trepidation within Grizz Nation.

You see my friends, that last word leads to the main issue. The word Nation insinuates a limit or Cap, if you will, on the number allowed to exist within a place.

But when you start using the word Universe, to define your base, then the possibilities for expansion become Infinite…*voice trails off*

Aight enough of the trailer, let me explain to the Memphis faithful why these young Grizzlies journey is just beginning.

“We’re fighting an army of robots. I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes any sense”

                                               – Clint Barton

Does winless to begin your restart suck? Yes.

Do those same losses suck even more when they come by way of teams nipping at your heels for a playoff spot? Hell yes!

But lets take a moment to remember a few things. For starters, this 2020 Memphis Grizzlies team wasn’t even supposed to be in this conversation.

It’s easy to forget that a rookie coach and handful of 20-somethings is not something you historically see when it comes to NBA playoff pushes.

Sure the new environment levels the field a bit, but there are real robots (hello Kawhi) with tons of postseason experience who are here on a mission to win a ring.

That’s a tall task for any group especially one where the best players can’t buy an adult beverage at the Bubble bar.

“If you’re nothing without the suit, then you shouldn’t have it”

                                          – Anthony Stark

First-year Memphis head coach Taylor Jenkins has filled the suit on the sideline very well this season.

There have been a couple second-guessing moments here and there, but for the most part, Jenkins has lived up to expectations and exceeded some as well.

This truncated finish has seen a few head-scratching lineup combos to End Games (I know, I know) and that’s where once again this experience for coach is invaluable moving forward.

Sure it’s frustrating to watch Dillon Brooks make a silly foul late, but the knowledge of knowing that can happen, needs to take place early in the Phase 1 of seasons instead of later on, say second round of the 2021 playoffs.

Finding out who can fill what roles and who just wants to put on the hero suit is vital for leadership to know.

“That’s my secret Cap, I’m always angry.”

                                     – Dr. Bruce Banner

Remember those 20-somethings I spoke on earlier? Well they’re a bunch of basketball IQ geniuses who have not even began to let out their inner monsters.

Yeah I know we’ve seen Ja Morant smash on the rim a few times and even a real-life Hulk in Jonas Valanciunas beat up opposing bigs.

But just think about Brandon Clarke in a couple of seasons, being a playoff hero, saving the day with a block vs the evil Pelicans. Or better yet Jaren Jackson Jr. (get better young man) letting it fly like Falcon for a game winning three.

All I’m trying to say is when these guys unleash that inner beast that comes with reaching the next level of growth, the league wouldn’t wanna see em when they’re angry.

“I can do this all day” /”Whatever it takes”

                                  – Captain Steve Rogers

From the front office down to Yuta Watanabe, these two quotes best summarize the attitude of this new regime.

They’re hungry, focused, young, and most importantly pretty much guaranteed to be here for the foreseeable future.

That combination mixed with upside on the court should make any Grizz fan a little more at ease with this experience, even if they do run your blood pressure up a tad in the process.

“Wakanda Forever!” – King T’Challa

#MemphisVsErrrbody has been a rallying cry for a group of people eager to show the world what they’re made of.

Now with a group of “remarkable people” at the helm of their lone professional franchise, this nation is in perfect position to expand their Universe.

The Memphis Grizzlies Universe aka The MGU!

So just know this…

If they can’t protect that 8th seed, you can make damn sure they’re gonna Avenge it!”

                              – Reggie Walker Junior

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About Reggie Walker Junior

I was born and raised in Memphis, TN. After attending the University of Tennessee at Martin, I became the Sports Director at an ABC affiliate in Jackson, TN. I've covered the NBA, NFL, and also Div. 1 hoops. I'm a Grizzlies fan but I aint bias, so expect nothing but the #SportsReal from me.

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