Milwaukee’s Unique Obstacles Ahead In League’s Return


Basketball Is Back, Hopefully

As the sports world halted back in March, many were confident that professional sports would not return this year. Luckily, many professional leagues have created plans to finish the remainder of their seasons, including the NBA. The association remains on track to return on their original restart date; July 30th. The NBA’s 22-team restart field has arrived in Orlando to hopefully bring back some normalcy. As for the Milwaukee Bucks, the journey to the NBA Finals will resume against the Boston Celtics on July 31st.

Entering the modified final stretch of this season, the Bucks still hold the best record in the league.  There are many different aspects to look at to understand how the Bucks can meet their championship aspirations. First, it starts with a set mentality.

Covid Most Wanted

It seems that all fans discuss most days is Covid-19, and that will not go anywhere for the foreseeable future. Especially when it comes to the NBA returning, we will review it more than the games. The most significant task for the Bucks is to stay healthy and do everything in their power to be Covid free. There is plenty of technology and guidelines that the players will use and follow to do so. Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed when discussing this virus. It will be up to the Bucks and staff to keep their distance off the court, so they can continue to play on the court.

Bouncing Back From Quarantine

There is no telling what teams will look like once the games begin. Shutting down completely has taken its toll on squads in several different ways. Of course, some — not all — players have continued to work out at their homes and practice the game. However, there is a tremendous difference between practice and playing competitively. Milwaukee will have to come together quickly and find a way to gel together as they had mid-season. It should not be too sizable of a concern as this is a tight-knit group, but fatigue can be a season-killer. Teams will start slow, but once the playoffs begin, there shall be no excuses.

Home Court Disadvantage

With a neutral site for the remainder of the season, many speculate that this will be an even playing field. As stated above, Milwaukee still holds the best record in the league. It is no small feature, but what advantage that usually gets you is gone. It will be a different atmosphere. No longer will the Forum be packed with Bucks fans, but a challenging, empty arena in Orlando. This team has shown that a crowd behind them shifts them into a higher gear. Giannis Antetokounmpo and the team will have to find a different way to stay motivated throughout the season.

Best In Town

Finally, we cannot forget about one of the most sizable obstacles in Milwaukee’s way. That, of course, is every other team coming to Orlando. All season we have heard whispers of if Milwaukee makes it to the finals, who would they face? The Western Conference has their favorites in both the Lakers and the Clippers, but you never know who may come out with all that is occurring. Additionally, the Bucks must first make it to the Finals, and it seems no teams are ready to back down.

Before the season stopped, Boston poised to pounce, Miami stayed consistent, and Toronto brought experience. Also, it seems no one knows when the 76ers will mold into a contender team, but maybe the shutdown is what they needed. Regardless, Milwaukee is not allowed to sleep on any competition. To be the best, they will have to beat the best the NBA has to offer.

Brave New League

2020 has been a year of new normals that has dramatically affected the sports world. The want for sports to return is at an all-time high and you can’t blame society for wanting some normalcy back. There are still possibilities that issues can arise and halt the season again. It is a fair assumption that most won’t believe basketball is retaking place until tip-off of game one. If things go as planned, though, Milwaukee will face several new obstacles outside of the regular competition to win it all.

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