Bucks Stunned After Game 1 Rout


Unearned Disrespect

What could be a problem when a team wins 60 games and then sweeps away a playoff opponent? Specifically, it’s a very odd lack of respect by many national pundits. Frankly, it got quite old for Bucks fans to hear “wha wha wha, not as good as the Celtics.” The Bucks Youtube guy did a great job in using these slurs as motivation.

Seemingly the entire state’s aspirations rest on their newfound joy. Even the hallowed Packers and Aaron Rodgers are on the bandwagon.

Surely the skeptics would find their Greek God faith. A stern Giannis checked concertedly into the game.

The trail to the finals wound through Milwaukee once more.

Nervous Start

The overhyped Celtics lived up to the hoopla early on, quickly running to a 15 point lead. 15-0 later, it was tied. But there was a legitimate cause for concern. Brook Lopez disappeared again, hitting just one field goal on only five attempts.

The Bucks unusually didn’t get nearly enough from the bench, with only Nikola Mirotic providing promising minutes with a teasing 13 points and three treys. And there was a huge problem. Dr. Evil stole Giannis’s mojo. Brad Stevens and the Celtics claimed to commit to an anti-freak gameplan, and they succeeded, somehow. Now we usually don’t publish obscene content on this site, but Bucks Lead must announce that Giannis’s +/- was….gulp….-24. Boston ran away with the game and claimed not to be scared, and It would be foolish to disagree.


Sobering Reality In Sud City

One ABC anchorman claimed the series is already over. Not so fast, buster! Coach Mike Budenholzer begrudgingly admitted Boston “did a few things well.” But Giannis is “looking forward to Tuesday just like we all are,” and the Bucks’ “response has always been very good” this season.

Stats site FiveThirtyEight still gives Milwaukee a solid 60% chance to win the series, so there’s no reason to despair. But if the Bucks wish to silence the constant shrieks of unworthiness, a stand must be made Tuesday. And once they do and Boston loses its confidence? Well, wha wha wha; the hardest working team won’t have time to feel sorry for the media darling pretenders.


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