Bucks Seek Redemption in Rematch with Boston


Bucks-Celtics Headline Playoff Rematch In Round 2

As the Bucks closed out the first round of the playoffs Monday night, enjoying the victory will only last so long. The rematch of last season’s opening round is set to begin Sunday in Milwaukee.  A series that went seven games last year, this will be the true test to see if Milwaukee has grown from last year and can take down the confusing Celtics.

The Bucks took the regular season series from the Celtics 2-1, with their early loss coming near the start of the season. Milwaukee has been nothing but consistent all season long. The exact opposite can be said about Boston. Coming into the 2018-19 season, Boston was heavily favored to not only blow through the East, but be the ones to dethrone the Warriors. Things certainly did not go as plan for the C’s, as they struggled all season to work together and ultimately finished 4th when all was said and done.

Boston’s Identity Crisis

For a team that was destined for greatness, they now must face the toughest challenge of all. Taking on the best team not only in the East, but in the league record wise. Playing in Milwaukee will be no easy task. The Bucks had an outstanding home record of 33-8 for the regular season. On the flip side, the Celtics squeaked by last year by having home court advantage, losing every game on the road in Milwaukee. The Celtics must also take into effect that this is a completely different Bucks team they are facing. A Victor Oladipo-less Pacers could only do so much. As time passed this season, Milwaukee stepped up as the clear frontrunners to win the East– Boston is just a stepping stone for a much bigger goal.

Bucks Must Dig Deep

Despite being the top seed, this series will be no easy task for Milwaukee. With all the troubles Boston has had, they are still a much more talented team than the Pistons. If they gel, the Celtics can compete with the elite, but if they crumble, the Bucks will pounce and tear them apart. We do not know what team will show up in Milwaukee, but the Bucks must prepare for their best.

All faith should be put into the Bucks and the potential league MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo to get the job done. It will take every single player on the bench to succeed. This series could end up being a clean sweep or a gritty fight all the way through game seven. We’ll have to wait and see. If the Bucks show up and play the game that has led them this far, Boston doesn’t stand a chance.


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