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Bucks Fans Breathe Sigh of Relief After Giannis Scare


Well, that was a scary wait, wasn’t it?

After Giannis Antetokounmpo went down with what could have been a potentially serious left knee injury on Friday night, official word on the status of the MVP candidate went dark well into Sunday afternoon. Save for the Greek Freak’s “doubtful” designation for Sunday’s game against the Phoenix Suns, there was nothing that came out that was able to calm fans’ fears about his health.

Then, news came across the wire that allowed many Milwaukee fans to breathe a little easier. Per a team medical update, it was determined through an MRI that Giannis suffered a “minor joint capsule sprain.” The team also announced that he will miss the next two games (the aforementioned Sunday in Phoenix and Monday in Denver), and his status for Thursday night in the team’s return to Milwaukee against Boston will be determined during the week.


Do not get it twisted, seeing Giannis miss a couple of games is definitely not what Bucks fans had in mind to finish this road trip, but let’s keep a couple things in mind.

First off, as they always say, it only matters what happens in May and June.

This is definitely a long-term move, as the Bucks are in no sort of position to need to rush Giannis back considering the position they are in. Really, with only potential home-court positioning in the Finals, should they make it that far, at stake, these kinds of games are not of the utmost importance when comparing to games in the playoffs.

Second, this is rare territory for Giannis, but he also deserves his time off.

As noted by Bucks Lead alum Kane Pitman, Giannis has not missed more than two consecutive games for the Bucks in his entire career up to this point. So, even if he does have to miss Thursday against Boston, he will have plenty of time to recover and make his way back on the court for the Bucks.

So, what does this mean for the rest of the season and for Giannis’ performance? Well, the Bucks certainly have the talent to be able to cover in the short-term, so the question would turn to the latter. Realistically, though, it’s hard to believe that this injury should have any sort of effect on his ability to perform come playoff time, but there could be some minor hiccups in the immediate aftermath of his return. All told, though, expect pretty much the same Greek Freak that we have come to expect this season after his (hopefully) brief absence.

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