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The Milwaukee Bucks have the 30th pick in the 2019 NBA draft this Thursday. This year is a lot less complicated than recent years, in terms of what the Bucks are going to do with the pick. The only two possibilities are that the Bucks draft a player, or the more likely scenario of trading the pick with a contract they want to unload. With that said let us take a look at some avenues the Bucks can make with the pick.

Shorten Bucks Draft, Trade the Pick

Trading is the most likely option the Bucks are going to take. Multiple outlets have reported that the Bucks are trying to unload one or both of the contracts of Ersan Ilyasova and Tony Snell.

Multiple teams could use another draft pick, and with Ilyasova’s contract being nonguaranteed for next year and Snell being a useful 3 and D player this should be a simple trade for the Bucks to complete.

With that said if for some reason the Bucks are not able to find a trade partner to take the salary from the Bucks entirely, or at the very least be a near minimum contract the Bucks should keep their pick. There are a lot of intriguing prospects that could help the Bucks around their pick. If the Bucks do end up saving their pick, then we should take a look at some of the best prospects that could be available at 30.

Bucks Draft Targets


F- Kezie (KZ) Okpala

Statistics: 16.8 PPG/ 5.7 RPG/ 2.0 APG

KZ Okapla is a super athletic forward standing at 6′-9″. He is excellent at hitting the three ball hitting at a clip of 36% in college. He also can put the ball on the floor and score, shown by his 16 PPG average. Some of the downsides of his are his effort on defense. Considering his size and athleticism, he should be a better defender than what he was in college. You can argue that it’s because he was the main scorer on his team and with that just naturally came less effort on the defensive end. If he was on the Bucks, all he would be asked to do is sit around and wait for a three and play some defense. With some coaching, he could turn into an outstanding prospect that fits the Bucks nicely.

C- Jontay Porter

Statistics: 9.9 PPG/ 6.8 RPG/ 2.2 APG

The younger brother of Micheal Porter Jr. also from Missouri stands around 6’11”. Porter has A LOT of guard like qualities for being a center. He can put the ball on the floor, is a decent passer, and has a good range from the three shooting 36%. Porter also has good instincts on defense, often is in the right place and is a decent shot blocker averaging 1.7 blocks per game. All around he’s good at most skills; it’s just that he is not great at any one ability. He has the potential to be a big steal in the draft if he continues to develop.

The main downsides are his weight and inconsistency. In the NBA he’s going to be pushed around a bit at the beginning at the very least. But adding weight is one of the most natural actions a player can take when he enters the league. So no team including the Bucks should look too much into that. The inconsistency is his most significant worry for his development. With all his skills, he should have put up better numbers than he did. That’s a fact the Bucks need to consider. But Mike Budenholzer is one of the best coaches at developing players, and on the Bucks, his ability to space the floor should come in handy day one.

G- Jaylen Hands

Statistics: 14.2 PPG/ 3.7 RPG/ 6.1 APG

Frankly, I’m not too sure why Hands is being overlooked so much in this draft. He has crazy fast speed and is a good scorer and three-point shooter (37%). Also, he is a good defender averaging a steal per game and has good size for a point guard standing 6’3”. He reminds me a lot of Eric Bledsoe, except he can shoot much better. The only reason I can think of why he is so low in this draft is the fact that his freshman year was not that good.

His negative traits honestly aren’t all that bad. On defense, he has some lapses in his focus and can lose his man. And on offense, his decision making could improve, whether that be passing out of a shot or not forcing a pass. These should both be fixed just with more playing time and coaching. On the Bucks, I think all of these problems could easily be solved, and he could be a perfect point guard.

F- Darius Bazley

Not many people have heard of Bazley. He didn’t go to college or play pro anywhere, choosing instead to train on his own. But the man has a lot of skill. He could have easily been a top 10 pick this year had he gone to college or played pro. But since he didn’t, we have to go off his potential, which is significant. Standing at about 6’8” he has the skills to do just about anything on the court. He can handle the ball, is uber-athletic, can score from all three levels on the court and plays pretty good defense. Bazely would be a risky pick for the Bucks, but we have seen in the past that they don’t shy away from them. This pick could be the chance for the Bucks to put another star next to Giannis Antetokounmpo.

With all of that potential comes the risk of him being nothing in the NBA. Since we know almost nothing about how he’s going to play against top-level talent, he could fall anywhere from being Bruno Caboclo to Kevin Durant and every spot in between. It would be a hazardous pick, but the potential pay off is a benefit the Bucks should explore in the draft.

Stats from Sports Reference


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