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Bucks Dispel Three Myths Against Celtics


Going into the season, it was reasonable to circle the Celtics’ February visit to Milwaukee as key. Perhaps the Bucks would try to chase down a few teams ahead of them. Sure enough, it ended as an impressive 98-97 victory. But it was the Celtics looking up at a 7.5 game deficit as the Bucks equaled their win total from 2017-’18. By doing so they dispelled three meddlesome myths that supposedly kept them from excellence. Those who can’t figure it out should move lest they get stuck in the headlights.


Well, everyone has their off days. Perhaps the first match after the break would be a good mulligan for the Bucks’ stars. But taking days off in the playoffs is costly. Thankfully, Money Middleton and the Greek Freak didn’t take a personal day (although Celtics falsely alleging traveling did take it personally). For the millionth time (per Giannis’s estimation), Middleton won the game. If his career lasts as long as practice, Milwaukee can look forward to 10,204 titles in a row!

But the Bucks may need a late stop for one or two thousand of those titles. No problem, Giannis can just escape from another dimension to block a shot.

You thought the Warriors dynasty was long? We may soon need to watch the Bucks through binoculars on Betelgeuse.


Darn, sports stars are just mercenaries these days. Kyrie Irving even assured a Cleveland student he wouldn’t leave, and then earned an F. But Nikola Mirotic, while just on a one-year contract, clearly desires to be a special Buck. He is on a minutes plan but still crowed about “the first but not last win!”

The Bucks sure seem happy to have him, as proved by their cool highlight video made just for him.

Mirotic provided impressive hustle in his first Milwaukee game, diving on the floor to force a jump (1:40).

He’s clearly no lame tape that must be brought back to Blockbuster the next day. Regardless of the length of his stay, he’s earned his antlers.


A little known rule was implemented Thursday. Apparently, horseshoe scoring applies to the NBA now and close counts. That seemed to be the opinion of many national pundits. Stephen A. Smith somehow found “clear evidence” that he believes in Boston, claiming the win “is not convincing me that Bucks are the team to beat in the east”. (This being Stephen A. Smith, viewer discretion is advised on the volume).

The Bucks haven’t lost consecutive games. They haven’t lost to the same team twice. And still, experts doubt? With the supposed magic wand of playoff reversals belonging to fairy tales, the Bucks are clear favorites to reach at least the conference finals. Any other statement is just BLASPHEMY!


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"Jammin Jeff" Newholm had been a basketball fanatic since his high school days, and remained a casual fan as a student in Whitewater. Wishing to check in as an active participant, he also completed a writing certificate program at UWM. He loves seeing Bucks games more than any other activity in hometown Milwaukee and especially screaming really really loudly to get someone to miss a free throw. Twitter: @JeffreyNewholm

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