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Bucks Cut Down Nets in Weekend Rout


Recent comments by Kyrie Irving again made Brooklyn fans groan. However, Bucks fans can’t crow about the Nets with an odd anti-Milwaukee bias by many NBA media pundits. During a new six-game winning streak, however, that sentiment is finally changing.

Wait a minute, let’s understand: Sir Charles, #1 biased pro-Sixer pundit, says Milwaukee is far and away the best team in the east. Would Brooklyn challenge this idea Saturday afternoon? With the Nets only 11-9 at home and taking a gap year, the showdown promised another Bucks beatdown. Would Milwaukee sharpen its skills against a potential playoff foe?

Climbing Ladder With Scissors

The game started (you may have to sit down for this) CLOSE! However, Brook Lopez, while not playing quite as well as last season, added another block against Jarrett Allen. He finished the game with five blocks, reaching 107 for the season (2nd in the NBA).


The Bucks gradually increased their lead, including eight straight Khris Middleton points to end the first half.

Tyranny of Majority

Voting multiple times probably isn’t ethical in political elections. Still, for Khris, we need to stuff the NBA e-balot boxes to elect the genuinely humble (as opposed to football fake-humility) team-first Buck. Speaking of the All-Star game, Giannis currently is second in the All-Star voting. What?!? He’s behind octogenarian LeBron? What about his 12-of-20, 29-point performance in Brooklyn in just 29 minutes? We need a recount! Giannis’s efforts propelled the Bucks to another significant three-quarter lead, at 93-71.

The fourth quarter was, to steal UConn coach’s witticism, time for the 20/20/20 Bucks. (Up by 20, down by 20, or only 20 seconds lefts). Hey, the bench Bucks can hoop too! Little-used Dragan Bender contributed 20 minutes with an impressive +/- of +14. However, the Bucks’ starting five of Giannis, Eric Bledsoe, Brook, Wesley Matthews, and Khris contributed 80 of Milwaukee’s 117 points. Important to note, though, is how critical early 20-point leads are to their playoff health. The first 36 minutes, contrary to many’s thoughts, mean much. If the fearsome five can laugh for 12 minutes on the bench, they’ll also laugh at the eighth seed in April.

Cutting Nets In Playoffs

No one cuts down real nets in the Eastern Conference one vs. eight series. Still, considering how Milwaukee easily dominated in Brooklyn, the potential playoff matchup projects another possible sweep. With the deer holding a 7.5 game lead for eastern home-court, opening at the Forum against a sub-.500 struggler is a tantalizing probability. Saturday night, Milwaukee proved they won’t underestimate and overlook weaker opposition far away from home. So Orlando and Brooklyn employees should be excited for the postseason. That is, excited about how little work they’ll have to accomplish after two one-sided Buck wins complete a stampede’s sweep.

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