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Boston’s 5 Unsung Heroes of the 2019-20 Season


Everyone knows Boston’s best players. Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have been widely recognized around the league thanks to their amazing play this season. Walker has even been acknowledged as an all-star starter, with Tatum selected as a reserve. However, some key players of the Celtics roster have been largely responsible for Boston’s solid season. The following list will be an attempt to recognize the five unsung heroes of the 2019-2020 Boston Celtics.

1. Grant Williams

The former SEC player of the year has undoubtedly been the Celtics’ best rookie thus far. His incredible maturity for his age and continuous effort have allowed Grant to obtain some solid minutes for Boston. Although his stat sheet is not the most impressive, his solid rebounding and defense have been crucial for the team, especially when other big men are injured.  He seems to be mentored by Marcus Smart, who has clearly showed him that effort is key to success in the NBA. His best performance so far was against Detroit at TD Garden, where he scored 18 points on 8-of-10 shooting.

2. Daniel Theis

What would the Celtics be without Daniel Theis? As the Celtics’ starting center, his defensive presence — especially against big men — is absolutely crucial. His presence is clearly felt beyond what the stat sheet can measure. Boston would not be where they are today without Daniel Theis. His clutch blocks have been, in some cases, game changing. Celtics fans wont forget his block on Trae Young to seal the win over Atlanta. Celtics fans should be extremely grateful for this terrific big.

3. Enes Kanter

Let’s continue this list with Enes Kanter. Although he seemed rather unreliable — especially on defense — to start the season, Enes has flourished in Brad Stevens’ system. He has become a solid all-around player, averaging close to a double-double this season. Kanter has had amazing performances, particularly against Los Angeles. Kanter scored 18 points with 11 rebounds and was a key player in the Celtics’ blowout win against the Lakers. It seems like Kanter is becoming the player Celtics fans wished for when Ainge signed him in the offseason.

4. Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart is a local hero and is adored by Boston fans for his continuous effort and energy on the court. However, the Texas native does not seem to receive the admiration he deserves from mainstream media. His statlines clearly don’t reflect how valuable he is to the team. He regularly hits clutch three pointers and his passing has been amazing thus far. This incredible behind-the-back pass against LA was a highlight of the season. Even though Smart is adored in New England, his talent is clearly unrecognized by the masses, hence why he almost tops this list.

5. Gordon Hayward

Yes, we know, calling Hayward underrated is a bit of a stretch. He has an extremely-high salary and is recognized around the league as a solid player. However, many seem quick to forget how valuable he is to the team. Although his scoring may be inconsistent at times, his contributions to the team often go unnoticed. Many are quick to blame him any time the Celtics struggle, but he is clearly an integral part of the team. Hayward yielded an all-around performance on the road in Orlando, as he clearly showcased how important he is to the team, especially when the two J’s are out.


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