Bob’s Bets: Eastern Conference Win Total Over-Unders


This past week we saw the release of the NBA’s regular season schedule and Westgate’s team win total over-unders. This time of year can be tough for basketball fans so I decided to to take this opportunity to speculate and make predictions about the upcoming season. So without further ado here are my win total over-under picks for the 2019 NBA season.

Atlanta 23.5: Under

  • This team won 24 games last year, so it really comes down to whether you think they got better or worse this offseason. The biggest roster change was exchanging Dennis Schroeder for Trae Young. I like Young a lot as a prospect, but he’s not better than Schroeder right now. Mike Budenholzer’s departure also tells me the organization has no plan to try and win now. They have two first round picks next year, I’m sure they’d like one of those to be top three and it won’t be Dallas’.

Boston 57.5: Over

  • Assuming Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward come back healthy and stay that way throughout the season, I like Boston to win over 60 games in this post-Lebron era Eastern Conference. I would expect Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown to both improve this offseason, and their bench of Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart, Aron Baynes and Marcus Morris is the toughest in the league. When it comes down to it, they won 55 games last year and I think adding Hayward gets you at least three more wins.

Brooklyn 32.5: Over

  • This Brooklyn team is going to look pretty similar to last season– a team that won 28 games. They added Kenneth Faried, who is a solid piece on defense, Jarrett Allen has had a full offseason to develop, and I’m still very high on D’Angelo Russell. I don’t think they’re a playoff team by any means, but I think there’s enough really bad teams in the east that Brooklyn can rattle off 35 wins.

Charlotte 35.5: Under

  • I don’t know what’s going on in Charlotte and I don’t like it. Trading Dwight Howard in the final year of his contract, after a strong season, for two years of Timofey Mozgov is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. I don’t think Tony Parker helps them at all and I think there is a very good chance Kemba Walker is traded before the All-Star break. Charlotte won 36 games last year and definitely got worse, this is an easy under.

Chicago 27.5: Over

  • This team is going to give up a lot of points, especially with the addition of Jabari Parker, but I still think he makes them better and Wendell Carter Jr. is someone that can contribute right away. After winning 27 games last year, the Bulls did enough this offseason to push themselves into the 30’s.

Cleveland 30.5: Over

  • Cleveland is going to be interesting. Once LeBron left, I figured they would try to focus on rookie guard Collin Sexton and clean their slate of this whole era, but they proceeded to sign Kevin Love to a four-year extension, locking him in for the next five seasons. This team isn’t going to be good, but they may have enough to compete and maybe even sneak into the 8-seed in the east.

Detroit 37.5: Over

  • Only seven Eastern Conference teams have win total o/u’s set at over 40 games. 8 teams have to make the playoffs in the east and I think Detroit is that eighth team. I know the east is bad but refuse to believe a team with 37 wins or less is making the playoffs so I going with over and hoping Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond can drag this team through the season.

Indiana 47.5: Over

  • The Pacers won 48 games last year, LeBron left the east, and they added Tyreke Evans and Doug McDermott to their bench this offseason. This feels like a easy over as Indiana might make a run at the 2-seed this season.

Miami 41.5: Over

  • The Heat won 44 games last year and they’re adding Dion Waiters back into the mix after missing most of last year. They might end up trading Hassan Whiteside, but even if they do I think Bam Adebayo is a great replacement. I don’t see this team sniffing 50 wins, but I’ll gladly give them 42.

Milwaukee 46.5: Over

  • I’ll take the over here based solely on that fact that Milwaukee subbed in Mike Budenholzer for the tandem of Jason Kidd/Joe Prunty. Also factor in additions of Brook Lopez and Ersan Illyasova and it’s clear this team should be significantly better than last year and one of the best teams in the east.

New York 29.5: Under

  • If Kristaps Porzingis was healthy this number would be insulting, but as of right now there is still no timeline for his return and from everything I’ve read it won’t be until later in the season and maybe not at all if the Knicks aren’t contending for a playoff spot. I love Kevin Knox, but he literally turned 19 a few days ago and I don’t think he’s going to be able to propel this team into contention.

Orlando 31.5: Under

  • I’m baffled by this number. I like Mo Bamba, I like Aaron Gordon, and Nikola Vucevic. I even like Jonathan Isaac, but this team is going to be bad and I don’t think they win more than 25 games let alone 30.

Philadelphia 54.5: Under

  • There’s a lot of hype surrounding Philly right now and for good reason. They have two legitimate all-stars and a solid supporting cast. Hopefully we’ll even see a healthy and confident Markelle Fultz show up this season. But, they lost a lot of their shooting from last year and injuries are always going to be a concern with this team, especially with Joel Embiid so I can’t give them 55 wins.

Toronto 54.5: Under

  • This is the biggest question mark out there for me. The Raptors won 59 games last year and essentially traded away their best player for an even better player, but I’m not sure how this Kawhi Leonard addition is going to go. He might show up ready to work and gel with the team immediately or he may be disinterested from the get-go and simply treat this like a layover on his way to L.A. Add in the coaching change and there’s just too much going on here to confidently say this is a 55-win team.

Washington 44.5: Under

  • The Wizards are known for their locker room issues, and they just threw Dwight Howard and Austin Rivers into the mix. They won 43 games last year and despite Dwight’s strong performance last season, I don’t think he makes this team better. They’ll make the playoffs for sure, but I’d guess they’ll be more in the neighborhood of 40-42 wins.

Look out for my Western Conference picks later this week.


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