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AD’s Respect of Bucks Creates New Opportunities


Anthony Davis Trade Demands Got Ugly

Anthony Davis has been the main topic of trade discussions over the past few weeks. The trade deadline has past and he is still a Pelican. But boy, things have gotten awkward. The Pelicans are trying to figure out a way to give him minutes, but make sure the oft-injured big man doesn’t end up hurting his trade value by playing him and risking another injury. A week ago, while getting beat down by the Orlando Magic, Davis played 24 minutes, scoring three points on 1-9 from the field. The whole circus of what went on at the trade deadline got Pelicans GM Dell Demps fired.

Laker Drama

If reports are true, the Lakers were willing to concede Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, and TWO, yes, TWO first-round draft picks for AD. Of course this is all in the hopes that they land a couple more free agents next year and create their “super team”. This would include LeBron, AD, and a score of other possibilities; Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul, Klay Thompson, maybe even Kyrie. Either way, it seems as if the Pelicans were either playing a dangerous game of “chicken”, or they were really dead-set on NOT trading AD to the Lakers. There’s no way any other team in the league was going to offer a more ridiculous package for one player.

Let’s get to the Bucks

Anthony Davis is no doubt a unicorn. A GIANT that can shoot, post-up, rebound, play defense, etc. Apparently a “leaked” list of teams that AD would accept a trade to and sign a long-term contract with came out. There were four teams on that list. The Bucks are one of them. 

Everyone needs to know two things. 1) The Bucks are not getting AD, no way, no how. We have the best record in the NBA and we would not dismantle our team for one player. But 2) This is still a huge time in the history of the team. The fact that the biggest name on the market would name the Bucks as one of four teams in the entire league gives the Bucks some real clout.

Giannis, Milwaukee’s NBA ambassador

We already had “Team Giannis” in the All-Star game. He received the second most amount of All-Star votes behind only LeBron James even though nobody knows how to spell his name. Giannis received more votes than James Harden, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and everyone else you can think of, including Davis– who wasn’t even voted in as a starter.

Basically, I’ll take any national recognition I can get for the Bucks. No matter our record, we still mostly stay under the radar and I don’t see many (if any) national pundits picking us to make it out of the East. But I truly think Milwaukee is the perfect setting for Giannis. When he goes to New York, he can wreck the Knicks and the Nets, then head home for a few days in his modest Milwaukee residence.

And the truth is, (as good as he is) AD might not even fit well in our system. Giannis needs space to work in near the rim. AD might clog up the middle and make Coach Bud have to re-create everything he’s been building. Don’t get me wrong, AD’s a great player, but the Bucks already have all the pieces in place. So why mess with that chemistry and trade half the team away for one guy, no matter how good he is?

We Aren’t Getting AD, And We Don’t Need Him

Yes, it’s pretty cool that Anthony Davis named the Milwaukee Bucks as one of the 30 NBA teams that he believes would be worth signing long-term. The Bucks are actually becoming a destination that players want to pursue, either in free-agency or via trade. It hasn’t been that way in a long time (if EVER). We were the team in a small market with cold weather, an old arena, and being completely irrelevant. Just sneaking into the 8th-seed in the playoffs and getting swept in the first round was about as good as it got. Wow, how things have changed! That’s what we call the GIANNIS EFFECT my friends.


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