The 5 Most Overrated Players in the NBA


As the season grows near, optimistic fans set hopeful expectations for their beloved players and teams. But whether it be excitement or misleading statistics, fans and the media alike are guilty of blowing a player’s accomplishments out of proportions.

Here are the five most overrated players entering the 2017-18 NBA Season.


#5. DeMar Derozan

Sports Illustrated

As points per game continue to be the most overrated statistic in the NBA, no shooting guard in the league is more over-hyped than DeMar Derozan.

I implore you to take the dive into advanced stats, where Derozan’s weaknesses really glare. Derozan produces less point per shot than nearly every other leading scorer in the NBA. This is mostly due to his atrocious mark from three, where he has shot 28% throughout his career, which is inexcusable for one of  the top SHOOTING guards in the league. For as many possessions as he takes up, the Raptors cannot afford for him to continue to shoot so poorly from outside.

Diving deeper into advanced stats, we can see that the Raptors were 5 points per 100 possessions worse when Demar was on the floor, which speaks both to his offensive inefficiency and sub par defense. At the end of the day, Derozan’s scoring output is easily replaceable with role players that are more efficient and superior contributors on defense.

#4. Joel Embiid



With the praise that has surrounded Embiid this season, you would think that he’s an 8-year seasoned vet.

But no, Embiid has played 31 NBA games and entering his fourth year in the league. And while Joel Embiid had one of the most impressive rookie outings in recent history, it is difficult to Trust the Process of a 23 year old who has suffered three substantial injuries since the 2014 draft.

Don’t get me wrong–Embiid has it all. His scoring arsenal is incredible. His basketball IQ is off the charts. His defense is stellar, especially considering his inexperience. But a sample size this small has to be taken with tentativeness, as it has yet to be seen how he will come back from yet another injury.

Until Embiid strings together 50 games in a season without a major injury, its near impossible to put him in an all-star discussion.

#3. Derrick Rose



You couldn’t have clicked this link without expecting to see D-Rose, who at this point is a staple to the overrated discussion.

Despite his subpar play of late,  Rose fanboys still create a delusional dream where the former MVP returns close to his former level of play. He will now and then show a spark of his former play, but this spark does not ignite as it is put out by the harsh reality that Rose is hardly a shell of his former self.

His knee surgeries outnumber his assists per game, and his 3 point mark failed to reach 22 percent last season. Roses devotees will always use his 18 ppg on 47% from the field to somehow justify him as a productive starter. But, don’t let that lone figure fool you. He is a liability on the defensive end of the ball, not to mention that he went complete AWOL before a game against the Pelicans last season.

At best, Rose is a backup point guard that can provide bench scoring while trying to keep his knee from blowing up like a hand grenade. Let’s hope the basketball gods aren’t too cruel to the Cavs, because Isaiah Thomas being missing substantial could spell mayhem for Cleveland.

#2. Andre Drummond



Although some of the hype surrounding Drummond has died down, there are still plenty of fans waiting around for Drummond to make a magical transition into an elite center, a transition that is never going to happen.

A player with once “unlimited potential” has stagnated so much development wise that it appears he might actually be regressing as a 24 year old.

Don’t get me wrong, Drummond puts up some strong numbers at 14 points and 14 boards a game. These box score fillers can be deceitful though, as spectators often overlook the glaring holes in a players game as they are wowed by the stats sheet. No hole is more glaring than Drummond’s free throw shot where his 38% mark from the charity stripe is the worst, and I mean WORST, in NBA History.

He still hasn’t learned how to use his fearsome size in the post, where he settles for hook shots that brick more often than not. For a player that was 3rd team ALL NBA just last year, it would take a miracle for Drummond’s outdated game to make him all star relevant again.

#1. Andrew Wiggins

Bleacher Report


Similar to Derozan, outside of volume scoring, Wiggins does little to fill up the box score. According to NBA Math’s “Total Points Added”, a measurement that takes into account volume and effeciency, Wiggins stands at 483rd out of 486 NBA players.

Despite showing great promise in college as a defender with his length and elite athletecism, Wiggins on-ball defense has been  abominable thus far in his career, with his defensive plus minus reaching -4, a truly horrific mark. This leads to his real plus minus standing at 267th in the league, the lowest for any player averaging over 20 points a game.

Still considered by many to be on the path to super-stardom, Wiggins needs to improve his defense immensely before he can coin the superstar label so many fans are eager to bestow on him.


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