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2020 Draft Prospects Around the World: Killian Hayes


Despite the 2020 NBA Draft process likely changing, teams and their front offices are still trying to organize draft boards, and a significant part of that process is international scouting. TLSM’s “Around the World” series will introduce casual fans to the foreign players who will become top draft picks. Next up: Killian Hayes.



Current Team

ratiopharm Ulm of the German Basketball Bundesliga


Hayes has excellent size for a point guard, standing at 6’5″. He knows how to use his size to bully opposing guards. When entirely focused, Hayes’ physical tools also allow him to play strong, disruptive defense. On offense, Hayes is good at changing speeds and shoots at a relatively high clip. He’s a diverse scorer that can drive with his left hand and score off mid-range pull-ups and threes. This past season, Hayes averaged 12.8 points and was also proficient as a passer in the pick-and-roll. His creativity with the ball indicates potential as a more reliable overall facilitator. Finally, Hayes’ experience as a pro and English abilities set him up nicely for learning the NBA game.


Hayes’ most significant weakness is his turnovers. In the German Bundesliga, he turned the ball over on a whopping 25% of his possessions. Although he has strong passing instincts, he struggles with aggressive pressure and can force passes. Hayes is also left-hand dominant to a fault. His inability to use his right hand severely limits his scoring and playmaking. Shooting, although recently improved, is also a shortcoming. He must continue to work on his shot to reach his potential. Lastly, his defensive intensity wavers. For him to be his most effective, he needs to get better at being locked in all the time.


Killian Hayes may become a productive NBA player, especially if he lands on a team that gives him the ball. He can score and shoot reasonably well and is a creative facilitator. To reach his potential, Hayes must cut down on his turnovers and work on his right hand. His turnovers will decrease with experience, and the right coaching staff can inspire full game intensity in Hayes, creating a strong role player.


Anywhere from 8th-14th overall

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