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2020 NBA Draft Profiles, Vol. 4: Killian Tillie


2020 NBA Draft Profile: PF Killian Tillie

(Gonzaga, Senior)

  • Height: 6’10”
  • Weight: 220 lbs.
  • Wingspan: 6’10”
  • Age: 22
  • ’19-20 Stats: 13.6 PPG, 5 RPG, 1.9 APG, 53% FG (63% true shooting), 40% 3P (3.8 attempts per game), 72% FT
  • Specialist Potential: Three-point, Stretch big



  • Arguably the best shooting big in the class, Tillie is the coveted sweet-shooting stretch big with legitimate positional size that all teams covet. Offers shooting versatility in a variety of sets and actions including pick-and-roll (92nd percentile)/pops (93rd percentile), spot-ups, catch-and-shoots, flare screens, curls, etc. He’s a career 44 percent three-point shooter on 239 attempts that finished in the 92nd percentile on jumpers in the half court.
  • High basketball IQ player on both ends. Understands how to play off the ball with timely cuts, relocations, rim-runs and space filling which lead to opportunities to take advantage of his tremendous touch around the rim with both hands (93rd percentile around basket on non post-ups). Recognizes how to communicate, rotate and puts himself in good positions in combination with good footwork to be an effective and active defender (1.0 SPG/0.8 BPG).
  • Plus passing vision and ability for a big, both stationary and on the move. Capable of finding an open man. Effective as a catch passer in pick-and-roll/pop situations, where he will see plenty of touches and can be trusted to make the smart play.
  • Comes from a family of athletes including his parents and both brothers, Kevin and Kim, which helps ease some of the transition process to the professional level. Both parents and Kevin were Olympic athletes in volleyball while Kim played basketball at Utah and currently is a professional overseas.


  • As the saying goes, “the best ability is availability” and Killie comes with major availability/durability concerns. An ankle stress fracture, partially torn plantar fascia in his foot, broken finger, knee scope procedure, hip injury and an ankle sprain have all been causes for Tillie to only play in 39 of Gonzaga’s last 70 games over the past two years.
  • He’s a comfortable ball handler on direct line attacks and transition pushes, but isn’t a true shot creator that can use the bounce to separate or pull up to score, limiting his scoring upside a bit. Only attempted six jumpers off the dribble (not including runners)
  • Isn’t an explosive, above-the-rim type of athlete. Must continue to find effective ways to utilize his combination of size, IQ, skill, and mobility to compensate on both ends.

Offensive Role: Stretch big, Floor spacer, Pick-and-roll/pop man, Trail threat, Tertiary playmaker

Defensive Role: High IQ defender, Team defender, Event creator

Role Projection: Starter (ceiling), Rotation player (floor)

Foundation Projection: Core (ceiling), Support piece (floor)

Swing Factors: Shot creation, Durability

NBA Comp: Blend of Davis Bertans (Latvia) and Ryan Anderson (California)


Tillie is a smooth shooting, perimeter oriented, stretch big that’s always in high demand. With his ability to shoot, dribble, pass and be a high IQ defender, he is an excellent fit for any team. Tillie’s long injury history is the only factor keeping him out of the lottery. If medically red flagged, I would wait until the second round. Otherwise, Tillie should be considered in the mid to late first round.

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Follow us on Twitter @Draft_Lead for more NBA Draft coverage.


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