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2 Players The Lakers Need More From Moving Forward


At 27-7, the Lakers have gelled more quickly than even the most optimistic of fans could have expected. Even as they sit atop the Western Conference, flaws in their roster construction have been highlighted on numerous occasions.

A trade is this team’s best chance at maximizing their championship potential. Trades are not always easy, especially given the hurdles the Lakers face in completing one this season. If no significant roster moves are coming, L.A. will need players currently on their roster to step up.

Here are two players the Lakers need more from moving forward.

1. Avery Bradley

His on-ball defense is exactly what is was supposed to be. He is an absolute pest for opposing ball handlers, and his tenacity allows him to match up with bigger opponents and not get punished for his lack of size.

The offensive end is where the production has been more than lacking. In 20 games played, his 3PT% sits at a dismal 22.6%. In spot-up situations, his 28.9 FG% is also far below where it needs to be.

Frank Vogel continues to roll him out with the starters, but the lack of spacing he yields for LeBron James and Anthony Davis is taking a toll on the team’s offensive production. Both stars are currently struggling from long range as well, and JaVale McGee is a non-shooter, so it is essential that the remaining two starting spots are held by players who at least make the defense respect them.

If Avery can start knocking down his open 3s, the Lakers would be able to start a lot stronger. We know the starting lineup can defend with the best of them– now they need to maximize their ability to play off of LeBron and AD.

2. Rajon Rondo

Many fans are overseeing Rajon Rondo on the court so much for the Lakers. That is a fair way to feel, but the unfortunate truth is that the Lakers don’t have enough ball handlers not to rely on Rondo for stretches of games.

After a hot start to the season from a shooting standpoint, his numbers have regressed to normal. While it would be nice to have him to shoot well from deep all season, it isn’t a fair expectation given his career track record.

The Lakers need him to improve his decision making and be more aggressive with his offense. By being more assertive, he would open the floor up for the players surrounding him on the offensive end.

Far too often, momentum swings are created by a poor decision he makes that leads to a turnover or easy bucket for the opposing team. He needs to be a floor general for this team, specifically the second unit. Smart plays, and a reliance on getting the ball to players where they are comfortable, would make his minutes far less of a headache for the Lakers.

Rob Pelinka must be one of the most aggressive GM’s this trade season, but that doesn’t mean something is guaranteed to happen. If no players are added from outside the organization, this team’s season could very well wind up being decided by the play of Avery Bradley and Rajon Rondo.

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