Would Chris Paul Have Had The Same Success With Kobe As He’s Had With Harden


Five years ago, then-NBA commissioner David Stern vetoed what would have been a history-altering trade to pair superstar point guard Chris Paul with Bryant in the Los Angeles Lakers’ back court. The trade would have positioned the Lakers to be title contenders for the foreseeable future.

Paul was entering a contract year in New Orleans just as the NBA wrapped up a 161-day lockout over labor negotiations. At that point, Dec. 8, 2011, the NBA owned the Hornets, with the 29 other team owners acting as principal shareholders. So, the league’s small-market owners begged for competitive balance.

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert sent Stern a letter in vehement objection to the trade, posing the decision should be split among remaining owners. Would Chris Paul have had the same success with Kobe Bryant as he has had with James Harden. We take a dive into this video to find out our answer.




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