11,496 days since LeBron was born.  4,743 days since he was drafted to his hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. 2,204 days since the “The Decision”. 710 days since “The Return”. 10 Days since the Cavaliers were thrashed at home to go down 3-1, something no team has ever recovered from. 48 minutes away from breaking and making history.   And they did it. That’s what we just Witnessed.

First team to come back from 3-1, the first team to beat the Warriors 3 straight in the last 2 years, the first team to win a Game 7 on the road, the first player in LeBron James to drop back to back 40 point games in the Finals since Shaq. We just witnessed history whether you like it or not.


 Whether you like it or not, LeBron James for the third time, is on top of the world, this time much sweeter than ever before. After so many heart breaking game 7s, getting swept by Spurs in ’07, losing his whole roster in ’15, Wade being hurt in 14’, being “shook” vs the Mavs in 11’ LeBron James has captured his third NBA Championship, third NBA Finals MVP… And what he truly wanted most…. A Title for Cleveland.

See, Cleveland hasn’t witnessed a championship since the Browns in 1964, but they have gotten close. In 2007 the chosen one, LeBron James took them to the NBA Finals and would get swept off the court by the mighty Spurs in 4 games. Michael Jordan would go on to hit “The Shot” in ’89 which would once again break hearts of Cleveland fans across the globe. The Browns would go on to suffer “The Drive” in ’87, give up “The Fumble” in ’88 and the Indians blow Game 7 in ’97, and once again, the city of Cleveland found themselves in a similar position this year down 3-1 to the greatest regular season team ever in the Golden State Warriors.

ClXO_ukUoAAbJ1WAfter realizing the odds, LeBron James and Cleveland were still “All in”. Game 5, James would go for 41 Points, 16 Rebounds, and 7 assists, they were still down 3-2 and still had to play back in Oakland as a game 7 possibility now lingered. Game 6, James would go for 41 Points, 11 Assists, and 8 Rebounds… Still not there yet, they had to go back to Oakland a place where they only lost three times all season. The series was now tied, but all odds were against them. Like mentioned, no team had ever came back from 3-1, no team had won an away NBA Finals Game 7 in 30+ years, no team had beat the Warriors 3 times in a row in 2 seasons, and the Warriors had the crowd behind them, but finally for once in this article, we say on the defensive end — It wasn’t enough for the Warriors. The record-breaking team would be a part of history once again, but this time on the opposite spectrum. LeBron James would go on for 27 Points, 11 Rebounds, and 11 assists in arguably the most important game of his career, and faced adversity throughout.

The Cavaliers would go into the half only making 1 three and trailing by 7, on the road with all odds against them, but once again that was not  enough to rule them out. They fought and battled back, the lead bounced and bounced back multiple times… But at the end of 48 minutes? LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers would finally reach the pinnacle of NBA History… NBA Champions.

   Whether you like LeBron or not, if you think he is better than Jordan or not, or even better than Kobe… What we all just witnessed was greatness, and it was nothing short of that. The Chosen One, LeBrick, Le2and4, LeChoke, The Choker, whatever you wanna call him, just put his legacy forever in check, and you know what? We were all witnesses. We just witnessed greatness and that’s what sports are about.





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