The Lost Art of Trash Talk


With the retiring of Kobe Bryant, and his “farewell” tour, we are seeing a side of Kobe Bryant that we have never seen before.  Over Kobe’s career, he has been known to hate the opposition, trash talk,  and not show any remorse towards mankind.  But now that he is retiring, Kobe is hugging players after the game, giving away his shoes, and even smiling.  When have you ever known Kobe to smile after a loss?

We all love the fact that we can see Kobe appreciating the fans and being able to soak all of this in, but let’s be honest, it was much more entertaining when players hated each other on the court, and was disrespectful to each other.  Now with the birth of social media, players are nice, they give other players compliments, what happened to the good old days where players like Kevin Garnett, would get into an argument with someone every game? Or when Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) would pull Paul Pierce shorts down during the game?

The point is, the NBA has evolved into a friendlier sport, and personally it takes away the fun from the game.  The fans thrive on players that’s arrogant, yeah we might trash them during the game, but for the most part that’s what keep the fans entertained.

When Reggie Miller trash talked to Spike Lee on the sidelines, and Spike would get up out of his seat to yell back at him, those were historical moments.  His famous “choking” gesture will always be remembered, although I’m sure the Knicks fans would like to forget that moment.

Photo by ganciocielo.it

Photo by ganciocielo.it

So who are the best trash talkers in the NBA?  The best trash talker has to be Kevin Garnett, but he’s not a superstar anymore so we won’t include him in this topic.  The first superstar that comes to mind is Draymond Green.  Many people hate this guy because of several reasons.  He is known for talking too much, he’s playing on one of the greatest teams in NBA history, and he’s not shy to let you know that he just got an AND 1.  Listen to Draymond the next time the Warriors play, there will be at least one time where he makes a tough lay up, look at the ref, and yell “AND 1.”  He has no filter, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him, and personally it’s great to see.

Here’s a perfect example of Draymond Green’s trash talk

Another player that comes to mind is Russell Westbrook.  Russ is known for his crazy antics after he scores, or when he make a great play.  But he is also someone that trash talks alot throughout the game.  Westbrook may not do it to the extent of a Kevin Garnett, but he does it enough to get under someone’s skin.

Trash talk may be a lost art in the NBA (or I’m just getting old), but it’s apart of the culture and players should embrace it more.




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