Stories Of The NBA: Was the 2002 WCF Rigged?


The Kings and Lakers would meet each other in the WCF in a battle that was anticipated by the on and off the court trash talk and hate for one another. Heading into game 6 of the 2002 WCF, the New Jersey Nets had already clinched their finals berth. The New Jersey Nets were back in the East waiting on the winner of this series.  The New Jersey Nets was a small market team so were the Kings, but the Lakers on the other hand was the top franchise ever.

So that already sets the tone and perspective on why the NBA would rig the WCF in the Lakers favor. During Game 6, the Kings led by Chris Webber and Mike Bibby had a 3-2 series lead against LA heading back to the Staples center. Whether the game was rigged or not, what we call can agree on is the amount of RIDICULOUS calls and blatant missed calls during the game.

Looking at facts, the Lakers shot 40 free throws in comparison to the Kings measly 25. The better part about this is 27 of those 40 came in the fourth quarter of the game, an absurd number that on average means the Lakers shot 2 free throws or more every minute. What set it all off was when the Kings were up 2 with 3 minutes left in the fourth in which Chris Webber would make a jump hook that would have put the Kings up 4, but he was charged with an offensive foul. In the next possession which Chris Webber would strip Robert Horry and in the process of scrambling for the ball, Vlade Divac would be called for his 6th foul instead of a foul on Webber. If anything, it should be a foul on Horry as he restrains Divac’s arm from going for the ball.


The next possession Webber would once again be in the post where he would attempt a hook shot in which he would air ball. The reason for him missing the shot is him being completely hacked in the process. With a 1:50 left, Kobe would go baseline in which he was then stuffed by Webber. Webber gets nothing but the ball on this play but soon finds out the refs call it a foul. The final chain of events would lead to Kobe Bryant elbowing Mike Bibby in the mouth and no foul being given. Kobe would then get fouled once again on the other end and sink both free throws to put away the game…..

So what do you guys think? Was the game rigged? This all in good fun and for the love of the sport so no one please take this seriously as it’s called a conspiracy for a reason. The only thing factual here is that the Kings were robbed.




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