Should Irving and Butler team up in the Big Apple?


Abso FREAKING lutely. The idea of Butler, Irving, and Porzingis all on the same team is a basketball fan’s wet dream, and that’s coming from a Sixers fan. There have been rumors floating around this NBA offseason of the Team USA teammates possibly joining forces in 2019 along with NBA unicorn Kristaps Porzingis. In the wide open Eastern Conference, the Knicks would skyrocket back to relevance and would battle the young and hungry Philadelphia 76ers. The future of Butler and Irving on their current teams have been cloudy at best. Butler hasn’t shied away from criticizing his fellow Timberwolves teammates.  Butler “is all but fed up with the nonchalant attitude of his younger teammates,” specifically Karl-Anthony Towns. Also, he has no intentions of signing an extension with Minnesota according to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-times. Then there’s the mystery around Kyrie Irving’s future with the Boston Celtics after next season. Irving has had injury issues over the past few years and the Celtics have been known to dump their new toys when they become broken ( i.e. Isaiah Thomas). What also hurts Irving’s chances of staying in Boston for the foreseeable future is the growth and development of 2016 1st round pick Terry Rozier. Scary Terry had a breakout year last season when Irving had his season ending knee surgery, Rozier posted 11 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists during the point guards absence. Also, if you’re a fan of the Bill Simmon’s Podcast, you should check out his most recent episode with Kyrie Irving. Irving doesn’t seem to make any promises in committing to the Celtics for the long run. We are in a day in age where players now want to take control of their respective careers and want to play alongside their friends. So what better place in the world to play than on the biggest stage in New York City? If Irving and Butler were to team up with the Knicks that lineup would be Irving, Burke, Butler, Porzingis, and Kanter. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a dangerous lineup, especially with Kevin Knox learning under the tutelage of Jimmy Buckets.





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