Lakers Seeking First Round Pick


The Los Angeles Lakers have rejected multiple trade offers for Julius Randle offering second round picks, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Los Angeles has been remarkably quiet leading up to the trade deadline.  The only real news coming out of Laker Land is centered around free agency, rather than potential trades.  Magic Johnson’s recent tampering fine (can anyone actually explain what was said to warrant that fine?) and the announcement that the team will target possible 2019 free agents, rather than this year’s class, which I interpret to be mostly smoke and mirrors tactics.  The Lakers’ aren’t saying no to LeBron James or Paul George, but Rob Pelinka may already know something that we don’t – that those two are saying no to LA. Time will tell.

As for potential trades, the Lakers have made Randle, Larry Nance, and Jordan Clarkson available at different points in the season.  They’d also love to trade Luol Deng, who is still taking up a roster spot despite not playing, and earning a lofty $17.2 million this season (and is due $18 million each of the next two seasons).  It’s extremely unlikely any other team would be willing to take on Deng’s contract, although I’ve speculated Chicago might if it gets them Randle as well.

Around the league, teams are being incredibly protective of first round picks as the deadline nears.  The Bucks traded their 2018 first rounder for Bledsoe, all the way back in November.  The only picks being mentioned in trade rumors now are second rounders.  The Lakers’ best bet at convincing a team to give up a 2018 1st would be to package two of their young players together.

Early predictions are that this year’s free agent market will be tighter than the past few off-seasons  It’s possible the Lakers may be able to keep Randle, a restricted free agent, for cheaper than originally thought.  Other teams should take note of this too, and realize their own opportunity to trade for and sign Randle.  The Mavericks are a team that makes a lot of sense, in my opinion.

Maybe Nance and Randle together could get a 1st rounder out of Dallas? Which team would say no to that?

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