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Imagining a Giannis-Davis Duo


Wednesday night, the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the New Orleans Pelicans 123-115. While it was another good game for the Bucks that saw Giannis Antetokounmpo do his typical freak things, the real story might have occurred after the game. Per Steve Aschburner, Giannis jokingly told Anthony Davis to come to the Bucks.

How can the Bucks get Davis?

The most obvious and fastest way for Davis to get to Milwaukee is through a trade. Davis is currently inked through the 2020-21 season, but his last year is a player option that he will most likely decline. The clock is ticking for the Pelicans to figure out what they are going to do with Davis. As of right now, the Pelicans are two games under .500 and have never been close to having a legitimate chance at winning a title. Trading him now for a large trade package is probably the smartest idea for them to pursue.

The other option is for the Bucks to wait for the 2020 offseason (assuming he opts out) to sign him as a free agent. The problematic part with this plan is that the Bucks have to make decisions on Eric BledsoeKhris Middleton, Malcolm Brogdon and Brook Lopez in 2019. There’s only so much cap space to go around, so they will have to plan wisely. That being said, the most beneficial scenario for both the Bucks and Pelicans would be to find a trade that would work for both of them.

What Could the Bucks Give up in a Trade?

Obviously, the Bucks won’t be trading Giannis. Everyone else, however, should be on the table. In addition to every player being available for the Pelicans, the Bucks should be willing to take on any contracts the Pelicans don’t want and surrender select draft picks in the process. Overall, the Bucks should be smart but flexible with what they send to New Orleans. They’re already competing for the crown out East, and pairing two top-five players in the league together would make the gap between them and the rest of the East that much larger.

Gentry Not Interested in Trading Davis

Unfortunately, however, it appears Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry remains reluctant to include Davis in trade talks, but the right price always exists.

How Would Giannis and Davis Look on the Court Together?

GA and AD are already nearly unguardable as things stand right now, with very few teams having anybody that can even slow them down. As teammates, there will be virtually no teams that can stop both of them. The Bucks would largely play the same way they are now, with Giannis and Davis driving the lane and kicking out to three-point shooters.

Milwaukee’s biggest problem in games they’ve lost this year has been when their shooting goes cold. This has allowed the opposing team to collapse on Giannis. With Davis alongside him, he dramatically changes that dynamic. As I alluded to earlier, there are very few teams that have players that can check Giannis–but there are no teams that can guard both of them together. If their shots aren’t falling, they can then turn to whoever has a better matchup and let them go to work.

On the defensive end, Giannis and Davis are two of the best players in the league. Teams are going to have a very hard time scoring and grabbing rebounds against them. The Bucks will also be given the opportunity to switch a lot more than they do right now. When Brook Lopez is on the floor, the Bucks don’t switch him onto faster guards, preferring that he sags down into the paint. With Davis at center, the Bucks will be able to switch everything.

Giannis and Anthony Davis both want to win in this league. With them together on the Bucks, they will finally both see that continued success they have been looking for. Considering their age and talent levels, the Bucks would be championship contenders for years to come.




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