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Bledsoe: I’m Calling You Out


In Sunday’s Loss, The “Bledshow” Didn’t Show Up

Sunday was a historic moment in point guard Eric Bledsoe’s career. It marked his first career playoff start, in which turned out to be a less than stellar performance. Bledsoe scored just nine points while adding four assists and four rebounds, I among others are questioning does he have what it takes to help the Bucks win a playoff series? Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton should not be the only players carrying this team moving forward, if Bledsoe wants to be a part of the “marquee three”, he needs to start playing like a marquee player.

Turnovers were a huge problem for the Bucks as they were careless a total of 20 times. Bledsoe contributed five of those turnovers and for the starting point guard, that is much too many. Additionally, a weak defensive play at the end of the game left the Bucks barely hanging on to life, when Eric let Celtics guard Terry Rozier have all the time in the world to drain a game changing three in the remaining seconds of the fourth. If it wasn’t for Middleton’s amazing three pointer with 0.5 seconds left, they would have been finished right then and there. There is no time in the NBA Playoffs for weak play and Bledsoe better have a clear understanding of that after his performance in game one.

Game Two Takes Place Tonight Back At The Garden

Now of course this loss does not fall all on Bledsoe, but a good amount of it does. I can only imagine what the outcome of the game would have been if the “Bledshow” would have made an appearance. Maybe the Bucks still would have come out of it with a loss, but I can hang my hat on that. Effort can go a long way in sports, especially basketball, but what fans saw Sunday from Eric can be proclaimed as not giving it his all. With a season of ups and downs for Milwaukee’s starting guard, from moments of greatness to others questioning his skill, there is still hope for him to make a splash in the postseason. So yes, I am calling you out Eric Bledsoe, because I am hoping that he is the type of player who bounces back and proves that I was wrong all along.




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