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3 Resolutions Made For Bucks’ New Year


26-10 may look like a typo considering the Bucks’ last-place finish just five years ago. But it would be a mistake to just cruise into the playoffs. After all, the hometown Brewers jacked to a 24-10 start in 2007 as well but endured more late-season heartache. But thankfully, the Bucks didn’t miss a trot in a New Year’s Day 121-98 rout of struggling Detroit. In fact, the team made three resolutions that will keep the gym rocking without forcing fans to trudge to one of theirs.


Well, he didn’t leave the team or anything. But his shot had noticeably departed the Bucks’ arsenal, making him the weak link. Gulp! In his contract year…is his time in Milwaukee concluding? Worry not! With 22 points on 9-of-14 shooting, Middleton indicated he will soon be back to his regular assassin self.


He should! Realistically, in the digital age, there are no “posterizing” dunks anymore. There’s a bigger prize: tube-slamming hapless opponents. What chance did the Pistons’ Jon Leuer (with apologies to Wisconsin fans) have against the likely MVP? About as much as Giannis tripping over his shoelaces.

The stock market may not be going up right now, but betting on the Greek Freak will always beat the market.


Giannis gave a brilliant analogy in a recent interview: the 2019 Bucks are drinking the real Coke, so why go back to the yucky generic brands?

2019 is certainly the most exciting Bucks season of the new millennium. Bucks President Peter Feigin managed to stoically crow about the Forum reaching a “pinnacle of excitement” in a 15th sellout.

With Tuesday marking only Milwaukee’s third-ever New Year’s day game (per Dennis Krause‘s research), it marked a fresh start for a resurgent franchise. But best of all, it wasn’t a genuinely new achievement. Milwaukee has the best record in the league and is routing every challenger of every quality. Fear the deer is now more than a silly hashtag– it’s a city’s way of life and a league’s warning.




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